Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday Madness

Yesterday while doing "research" for my blog (isn't it nice to call surfing the web research now), I found these little gems. They are called Rock-a-Blocks by Crafter's Companion. They give an impression with acrylic stamps easily (or at least that's their claim). I was impressed with the idea of getting a good impression the FIRST time. I have spent a lot of time cursing the broken images made with my acrylic blocks. I find that I need to stamp at least twice to get a good impression. Let me say - I don't think it's entirely the acrylic block's fault. I have weak hands due to a medical condition. It's difficult to get the right pressure each time to create an image. The Craft Critique reporter, Julie Campbell, believed this product would be good for people with hand issues. SOLD. Right then and there I knew that I needed those blocks immediately.
So my review...This is an amazing product. I've gotten great results without the pressure or pain I usually have with regular acrylic blocks. I have found the blocks don't give a great impression when you use more than one image. However, if you use one image the impression is far superior (remember, this is based on my stamping with acrylic blocks). EZ Mount rubber stamps are more difficult because they are higher than acrylic and unmounted rubber stamps making the guidelines unnecessary. I still got a better impression due to the rocking motion. So for me - these were a great buy. I bought the blocks at my local Archivers with my coupon. Really great buy. If you're interested in how to use these blocks, I found a few helpful links (thanks to the blogging community).

Demonstration on Indigo Inkings

HSN Video

Rock-A-Block Search on YouTube

Just a tip - whenever I find a cool new product, I like to search YouTube for any videos. There were only a few on the site - but I thought it would be cool for you to see what comes up. So - that's Monday Madness for you - which actually was Sunday Madness for me. I broke the mold a bit and showcased an item I already have. I am so excited. I am even more excited that I get to play all day (after a trip to the laundromat) due to a three-day weekend care of Casmir Pulaski day. So happy. I hope everyone has a great Monday. Until then...Happy Crafting.

BTW: For Keeps Sake had the coveted Psychedelic Grunge stamp set from Tim Holtz showcased on a previous Monday Madness. It now has a home in my apartment. Tim has a pretty smokin' announcement on his blog so be sure to check it out! So happy! :)

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