Saturday, October 15, 2011

Real quick post today...I will be scarce on the blog here for the next two or three weeks.  I wanted everyone to know to check in after November when "regular" scheduled posts when begin.  However, I will try and post here and there over the next week and a half.  I hope everyone has a blessed weekend.  Until then...

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Product Love - Album Madness

It feels really good to start moving towards the new changes I'm planning to make on this little space of Internet heaven I have created here. I know it's not the most humble sentence ever written - but this place is a real haven to me. In some ways - it has saved me. It's kept me going through hard times and has always been a place I can go back to when I've given up (sometimes for months at a time). It's been a true blessing despite a very small readership.  I'm thankful for every person that visits this little site of mine. Please indulge my little slice of sentimentality. So on to the product goodness...

I'm a big fan of American Crafts albums. However, I've started to be really drawn to the photo pages in the We R Memory Keepers system. I had a friend recently have a problem with an American Crafts binder. It fell apart and she looked into the reason this could have happened. For the life of me I can't remember if she told me this - turns out it's best if you use the same manufacturer for both the album and the page protectors. If you choose not to stay with the same manufacturer it can cause problems with the structural integrity of the binder.  Which immediately got me thinking...maybe I should make a switch. I will never switch from the binder style - but have been feeling a pull toward We R Memory Keepers. I like their variety in both album styles and page protectors. So much fun...and then I found this...

We R Memory Keepers Designer Albums: Wall Flower
I was immediately in album heaven!  For quite some time - I've been considering adding another category to my albums.  I subscribe to the Library of Memories system from the legendary Stacy Julian.  I learned about the system from her book - Photo Freedom.  I use the categories prescribed in the book: All About Me; People I Love; Places I Go; and Things I Do.  There's just one little problem with the categories and my single scrappy status.  Things I do and All About Me can be merged.  I'm still working with the four category system trying to figure out what makes sense for me.  One thing I know for sure - I need a New Pages album.  I have commitment issues.  I don't like to put my new pages (over the last 6-12 months) in their category album after they're completed.  Something just feels wrong about it.  I want a nice place to keep them until I'm ready to make the switch.  For a girl that loves teal, the Wall Flower Album is a perfect, beautiful solution!

Anyhoo...just for good measure, I thought I'd present the four beauties I'm considering for my current categories.  Please note: all images can be found here.

Linen Albums (12x12 Ring): Aquamarine 
Linen Albums (12x12 Ring): Key Lime
Linen Albums (12x12 Ring): Dijon

Linen Albums (12x12 Ring): Hazelnut
Remember how I mentioned those wonderful page protectors?  Aren't they just lovely?

We R Memory Keepers - Page Protectors Multi-Pack (12x12 Ring)
I'm totally ready to make the jump.  Damn the cost, time, headache of transferring all my layouts, and the health of my hands - I must have these new albums.  Rational it is not - but I'm completely in.  I'm ready to have a place to keep layouts with multiple photos of an event.  I'm not a cropper.  I don't buy photos from websites with non-standard sizes.  I'm a traditional 4x6 girl.  I can't wait to try something new.  So that's it for now - this girl is ready for a major change.  Now if only the money would appear...Hope everyone has a great Tuesday.  Until then...

Monday, October 10, 2011

Mixed Media Mania

I've wanted to make the jump to mixed-media - art journaling, collage, etc. - for quite some time.  Unfortunately, I've been gripped by the fear of failure, inadequacy, and my complete inability to draw an even satisfactory stick person.  Despite these fears - I have been unable to shake this drive to create something with paint, stencils, and all kinds of other lovely products.  So - I took a big leap and signed up for Christy Tomlinson's She Art Workshop.  She has a great deal going on right now.  She's starting a new She Art Workshop and is offering both 1 & 2 for $70.  I've been on the first site for a few weeks and I need to get my rear in gear.  So I thought I'd start my new posts with a list of my favorite mixed media blogs and series.

Fun Mixed Media Finds

Well - it's getting late.  I would normally be sleeping right now.  However - I think I'm going to lose myself in a book or good television show for a bit.  I hope everyone has had a nice Monday.  Until then...

Sunday, October 9, 2011


I went crazy when I first heard about these little ditties.  I just had to have one.  When the release date kept on getting pushed back - I thought I was going to lose my mind and then they just showed up one day in my local chain store.  And you know what - I just had to have it.  This one to be exact.

Doodle SMASH Folio: Source Image
I had a really hard time choosing the right smash book for me.  I'm not a huge fan of vintage images.  Don't get me wrong - I think the images are beautiful and work for a wide array of buyers - just not me.  So I went with the doodle version - despite being attracted to the patterns of some of the folios with vintage images.   In the end I was so stoked about the whole thing I got a few more things for good measure.

Like this SMASH Tape: Source Image 
Smash Bands: Source Image

Date SMASH Stamp: Source Image

I got some pockets as well to have a place for all my fantastic memorabilia.  And I have done absolutely nothing with it since.  Okay not nothing - I think I might have glued in a movie ticket and wrote a few things - but not much.  So I'm a little down this weekend (which could be the understatement of the last few months) and I see something wonderful and my first thought is... why the eff can't I smash like this?  Or - why aren't I inventive or brave enough to attempt to use my SMASH book as a friggin' art journal like this?  OR why can't I even remember to go to the SMASH blog for inspiration? There they are - those old negative tapes playing again and I'm suddenly in a free fall about my worth as a crafter.  I'm wondering if I'll ever make the transition to mixed media artist.  How is it even possible when I won't give up my need for perfection? It seems to me - that to be SMASHING, you must let go of the need for perfection - of having everything it's in it's perfect linear place.  And that's just not me - I can't seem to let go.  Or maybe - it's because I'm not building the kind of life I dream of and - frankly - effing deserve!  It's like the old stuff just keeps catching back up with me.  I know that this thing ebbs and flows - but I wish there was an easier way to learn to stop holding the reins so tight - to be a little less of this obsessive, "sad girl" version of me.

So I leave you with this - be SMASHING?  Let go of all your preconceived notions of what a crafter is supposed to be - of who you're supposed to be.  In the end the only thing that will matter is that you were true to that little voice inside you encouraging you to create, try something new, to be something different.  Be brave!  At least be braver than I am.  And if you get a chance - throw a little bravery/courage to this girl over here because I need it desperately.  Just get SMASHed! Have a great Sunday everyone.  For those of you wondering what I'm talking about - watch the video - the simplicity and beauty of all things SMASHing will wash over you and give you some crafting hope.  Okay - I might be overdoing it - but the video is pretty great.  It made this girl want her very own SMASH book pretty bad - now if I could only move on my creating my SMASHing life!  Until then...

Friday, October 7, 2011

I Get It Already!

My Favorite Dog in the World
Dear first week of October - I would like you to know I understand completely.  I get it!  You are not to be effed with this week.  You do not want anything from me that hints of cheek or sarcasm.  I get it!  Please - let this day go well.  Otherwise - I'm finding a way to get my favorite dog in the world here in my house to comfort me.  Monday and Tuesday were not great - quite the understatement I might add.  Wednesday was a dream compared to Thursday - which pretty much told me to bend over.  I'm sorry lovely week.  I get it.  The cheekiness and sarcasm is over.  I'm hoping to make it out today with all my appendages intact.   And...if it's not too much to ask - all of my comrades appendages intact as well.  God help us.  It's been quite a week.  Happy Friday to everyone out there.  Trust me - my thoughts are with you.  Until then...

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Movie Mania

As part of my recovery process - I've tried to reacquaint myself with my previous loves - tried to identify the gaping holes in my life.  One of those black holes (as I like to call them) was my love for movies.  When I lived on the west coast, I would stand in line for hours to see movies on opening night.  I would get free passes on the street for movies that weren't even in theaters yet.  I loved movies.  I saw Armageddon for free at the actual screening facility in the Academy of Arts and Sciences.  There were Oscar statuettes everywhere.  Jerry Bruckheimer and Michael Bay introduced the movie.  Ben and Gwyneth were there.  There was free food.  I was in movie love heaven...and then I moved.

Immediately something began to shift in my movie loving life.  I began to complain about the small theaters and became a movie snob.  I only go to specific theaters in my city.  I spend a lot of time thinking this screen is too small when I'm sitting in the theater.  I miss the screens in Westwood.  However, there comes a time when you must remember.  I love movies and they make me happy.  So I've been integrating them back into my life.

This weekend I went and saw this fantastic movie with two friends...

Source Image
It's amazing.  Outstanding.  It's both funny and heart breaking all at the same time.  I love Joseph Gordon-Levitt - love that he's morphing into an outstanding actor.  I love his energy - his smile.  I love his dimples.  He might be my newest celebrity crush.  Seth Rogen is his usual hysterical self.  I'm not going to go into a whole review here.  I'll just say this - get to the theater and see this.  It's worth the two hours.  It's worth the 8-15 bucks.  It's just worth it.  It's the reason I love movies.  And one more thing - JGL deserves an Oscar nomination.  So that's it for today - a little about recovery - a little bit about movies.  I'm hoping to have an outstanding day today.  I'm not gonna lie - Monday kicked me in the junk while yelling it takes no prisoners.  Monday better watch out in two weeks.  I'm coming for it!  Time to go to the mattresses, stop licking my wounds and take control of Tuesday.  Hope you have a wonderful day.  Until then...

Updated Wednesday, October 5, 2011: Just a quick update - Tuesday almost made me lose the will to live.  So today I say suck it and make the best out of this "outstanding" week.  Yes Sheldon, that would be sarcasm. Have a great Wednesday!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Product Love & Changes

There are times when scrapbooking products, books, and movies are released and they change the way you think about things.  During these times, I cannot imagine scrapping anything else; reading anything else; watching anything else.  I felt that way when I saw Avatar and Titanic; when I read Ramona Forever, A Prayer for Owen Meaney, Life Artist, and Unless; and when I discovered Basic Grey.  And now...there's a new product in town.  I've already posted about Amy Tangerine's new line with American Crafts and how it was one of my top CHA picks.  Since having it in my home and getting an opportunity to play with it - I'm hooked.  I can't seem to make a layout without using one of her products.  So big deal right?  I'm addicted to another line...and then I found this!

Source Image
I can't explain the wonder that is this mini book.  It's amazing with different textures, patterns, materials and sizes.  I love it so much.  Let's be clear - I have no idea how to use it (yet) but I love it!  For some reason, I have a strong need for my readers to love it too.  So - if you're interested, definitely check out this video.

So that's it for today.  Run out and get Amy Tangerine's line.  I don't think you'll be disappointed.

On to other things - over the next few weeks, I have big plans to change the structure of posts on this blog.  My goal is to move Product Love to Tuesday and combine it with Reading Corner.  I'm also going to add Movie Mania which will be on Tuesday's as well.  Monday will be devoted to Mixed Media.  Wednesday will be a day off from this lovely spot of mine.  Thursday will be feature day - more on that later.  Friday will be Link Love.  Saturday will be a day off.  Sunday will be all things scrappy and cards.  Five posts a week is my goal.  Why am I putting all this here?  One word - accountability.  I'm not sure how long it will take to make the switch but I'm stoked.  Anyhoo - I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday.  Until then...
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