Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Reading Corner

Monday was another bang up day. Really, all I needed was someone to kick me in the crotch and it would have been perfect. I can't wait to see kids today. I don't enjoy data keeping. I consider myself pretty left-brained but Monday and data just don't work for me. I'm looking forward to today being pretty low-key. Here's hoping.

In more uplifting news, I just finished To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee (left). I read it for the first time in tenth grade. Since then I have labeled it my favorite book. In some ways this is laughable because in reality I remembered very little about the plot. In fact, I was pretty surprised by some of the plot turns. I don't usually read books more than once - but this is definitely worth doing when you consider it your favorite and it's been fifteen years. The good news - it's still my favorite. Except now I can enjoy and appreciate the nuance of the characters and the beauty of Scout as a narrator. Also, I don't think I was truly capable of wrapping my head around the realities of the time. I think it requires an adult mind in many ways. I've never loved Boo Radley more. Hands down. It really is a beautiful book. If you remember liking it - I advise reading it again. It was definitely worth the time.

On the crafting front, I bought the book on the left during my spending extravaganza. I remember being absolutely shocked at my good luck and almost running to the cash register with excitement about yet another craft book. Did I mention I didn't even look at it closely? I finally took a closer look over the weekend. Mind you I believe this was almost three weeks after purchasing it, maybe more. Again, I was pleasantly surprised. I'm not sure if I'll ever do any of the techniques in this book. I still have a mind block when it comes to paint and mixed-media. I'm not sure my dominant left brain can handle it - or maybe it's just my lack of confidence. I have a real "problem" with buying this type of book (mixed-media) and not following through because of fear. The bright side is I know I eventually get to the point where the courage comes. It came for scrapbooking and rubber stamping. I know it will come for this. Or, I hope it will come for this. I want so much to believe that I can draw or paint. It's just really difficult to get through that time where I just suck. It seems to affirm everything I believe about my abilities. So the plan is to get more competent at my second hobby (stamping) and gradually prepare myself for mixed media. It's a strange thing really. I'm in three different creative cycles based on my hobbies. I'm in the Rediscovery phase in scrapbooking, the Inspiration phase in stamping, and the Collection phase in Mixed Media. Who would have thought that was possible? Definitely not me. I wonder if I should rethink the sidebar? Who knows.

Here's hoping you have a nice Tuesday. Until then...Happy Reading!

BTW: I'm opening comments next week. I need to get ready before going public. My Blogging for Dummies book stresses the importance of comments. Personally scares the heck out of me. I"ll keep you posted. :)

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