Sunday, April 11, 2010

Day 13 - Holy Crafting Batman!

I've spent the last three days crafting and shopping.  I had one of my best friends over for a craft weekend extravaganza and CKC.  I'm not sure I could ask for anything more.  For those of you who are curious - I'm going to give a recap of my favorite purchases.

*Claire and Jocelyn paper lines from SEI -
*Quite Contrary Line by My Mind's Eye
*Max and Whisker's Line from Basic Grey
*Adventures in Happiness store kit from Unity Stamps
Crafting: I spent a good amount of the first two days of the craft weekend organizing supplies, stamping and coloring images, and just playing around in general.  By the time my friend left (sat. night), I had two cards and 5 pages of my 8X8 circle journal covered.  I felt quite unproductive next to her 15 scrapbook pages but such is life.  However, I got up this morning and decided to make a present for a co-worker expecting a baby girl.  I covered/decorated a frame, made 10 blank cards, and one Basic Grey matchbook album.  I did all this before 12:00.  I needed time to warm up to start cranking things out which is a luxury my friend can't have because she's a new mommy to a 10 month old.  This is a good lesson for me.  I need to chill out and stop comparing myself to others.  Truth be known - I had a pretty chill outlook on the whole thing - which is definitely progress.

So - my camera battery is out which means I will not be posting any of my projects today.  I sent one card with my friend.  She had bought the stamp set as a birthday present and I really wanted her to have it.  Which reminds me - I gave a lot of my cards to my friend.  I'm someone who loves to make cards but I hardly ever send any.  I take opportunities to give my cards away to special people I know will use them.  Now it's time to crank more out for the next person.

In lieu of current crafting pictures - I'm attaching a few pictures of my favorite cards from the last couple months.  I don't have any big plans for this week - which is good.  I'm trying to remember to approach each day as a blank slate.  Here's hoping that works.  I hope everyone had a nice, relaxing weekend.   Until then...
BTW! Thanks so much for donating the clothes MWB!  I know she'll appreciate them!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Day Ten: Looking Forward

Today was a somewhat eventful day - but good overall.  I'm trying a new thing now.  I'm not starting the day with any expectations.  I start the days with no strings attached - with no preconceived notions of good or bad.  I try and remember to take things as they come and then give it my best shot.  It got me through these last two days.  I hope it continues.  So...there's a lot of things I'm looking forward to at this moment (no expectations).  I'm looking forward to... 

*CKC tomorrow
*My good friend visiting for the first craft weekend of 2010
*Opening my box of Stamping Bella goodies!
*Starting my crafty swaps
*Getting to spend time with friends
*Seeing two of my favorite boys.  Are they not two of the sweetest boys you've ever seen?  Can't wait to see them in June!

It seems like it's been too long since I've looked forward to anything!  So happy with this feeling!  Due to the upcoming festivities - I will not be posting until Sunday (sorry).  However, I have a few layouts to share from earlier in the year (January).  I've been thinking I haven't been scrapbooking but I've done eight pages since the first of the year.  It's funny how the brain works or I should say doesn't work.  I hope everyone has a nice weekend.  Until then...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day 8 & 9: Can I get a refund for Tuesday?

Okay.  So I'm not even going to speak of Tuesday - otherwise known as the day that shall not be named - except to say that I did get a chance to write in my journal and believe me it's counting for creativity!  I've decided to start today with no expectations, no strings attached.  I'm hoping that will make things better because I really need a break over here.  Believe it or not - I still have some creative things to share.  I did my my 33 at 33 layout.  This is my first layout of this kind and I'm pretty happy about it!  It's word heavy and I'm not thrilled with the finished product - but that's okay.  I'm happy I documented the things I wanted to do in this birthday year.

You might notice that I use this picture of myself a lot.  It's my favorite self-portrait and I like playing with it on Photoshop and  The bird cage and bird are from Tim Holtz's new Alterations line.  It's a die cut.  The paper is from Dear Lizzy at American Crafts.  It's unbalanced and sort of a mess when it comes to the embellishments but I need to concentrate on the fact that a girl does the best she can.  So that's it for now.  Hope everyone has a nice Wednesday.  Until then...

P.S. Three more days and CKC!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Day Seven - Catch-up Day

So - I'm finally going to get a chance to write about something I've had planned.  Praise God.  For a long time I've had a pretty consistent style when it came to buying crafting products.  I usually went for more graphic papers and worshiped at the feet of Basic Grey.  However - in the last year I've noticed a few changes.

*I wasn't getting every single Basic Grey paper line anymore.
*I began to make cards with a vengeance and started buying 6X6 paper packs like they were going out of style.
*I found new product lines to love like Cosmo Cricket and Pink Paislee.
*I embraced all things small which just means I started doing mini-books instead of just buying them.
*I started stamping which again means I started stamping with the products I had plus bought lots more.
*I love dress forms, sewing machines, sewing images on patterned paper, and vintage cooking images/paper!  What?

Which believe or not leads me to the point.  Styles can change.  And although I myself am adverse to change, my sense of style is not.  I came to this realization on one of my most recent shopping trips when I was buying Prima paper and stamps (see pic above).  Yes, Prima!  Totally not my style at all.  Very whimsical, feminine, romantic and the like.  Things I usually avoid like the plague.  But boy do I love it.  So much that I made a layout about my amazing friend and my biological clock which seems to be whispering 'have a baby' every friggin' minute of the day.

When I look at this layout - I see a lot of traditional me in it - clean lines, flowers, journaling.  But then there's the mask in the corner and multiple photos and a paper unlike any I have ever scrapped with and I'm faced with the reality that my style is changing.  And you know what - I'm really glad it is! 

Today: I have just a few things to say about my day which will give you an idea of how it was.  I spent two hours at the DMV (two trips, one hour each).  I spent 30 minutes at the County government office waiting when I didn't need to.  I spent $113 at Jiffy Lube on things I actually needed.  And after all that came home to an apartment where the air condition still wasn't fixed.  Nice eh?  But after all of that - I got myself a nice lunch and came back and took a nap.  Feeling a little better now.  Here's hoping you had a great Monday.  Until then...

P.S. CKC in four days!  Can't wait.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Day Six - Today was NOT a good day!

I've been waiting for this day. The day during the project when I don't feel like doing anything. The day when my creative flow seems gone. The day when everything in my life seems disjointed. And today was that day. Not much to report here. Frustrated and ready to face a new day at the DMV. Still have some layouts to show. Today didn't seem like the day to post those. I hope tomorrow shapes up better. Here's hoping. Until then...

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day Five - It's All About Sam

So I've had big plans for my upcoming posts - but they were blown out of the water today by my new guy - Sam Worthington.  I don't think he's a household name yet - though he should be.  In the last year, he's been in Terminator Salvation, Avatar, and Clash of Titans - which I saw today.  I was introduced to the Aussie actor when I saw Avatar and have been a little smitten since.  It's a little embarrassing to do a post like this - but it's true.  I think he's quite yummy.  I had a hard time choosing Sam pictures to put on the blog - so there's quite a few.  BTW: before you go bashing my new love - I know he isn't someone I'd necessarily take a second look at on the street but that would be my loss.  Love him.

Today: I did a little shopping.  I got a hero arts stamp which I've been wanting for a while.  You can check it out here.  I also ordered an album and extra pages from 7 gypsies for my upcoming circle journal.  Yes, I got in!  I'm so excited.  I bought a tray I had seen in a magazine I'll be talking about in the next few days.  The tray is the perfect size for ATC's.  Can't wait to make it into a decorative element in my home.  Also went to see Clash and had some yummy cinnabon bites.  Good day all around.  I hope everyone had a nice, relaxing Saturday.  And just for good measure, I'm leaving you with another amazing pic of my boy.  Until then...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Day Three - Swap City

I finished reading Collaborative Art Journals and Shared Visions in Mixed Media by L.K. Ludwig yesterday and it got me so geeked up to try something new - swaps.  This morning I went on several different websites and decided to ask to be a part of two swaps.  The first swap is on 2 Peas and it's a circle journal.  There will be ten participants and each person gets to choose their theme.  Each participant provides a 6X6 or 8X8 binder to reduce costs.  Each book travels to all ten participants.  My theme (if chosen) will be about inspiration.  Where do the participants find their inspiration.  I haven't gotten approved for this one.  Keep your fingers crossed.

The second swap was on a new site I found ATCs for All.  They host a variety of different ATC swaps and I've already been accepted for one!  Yay!  The focus is on six word fiction - also known as flash fiction.  One example of six word fiction cited on the message board was by Ernest Hemingway.  Hemingway reported it to be his best work.

For sale: baby shoes, never worn.

I think this story is amazing.  So much said in so few words.  I'm excited to take a stab at writing and making art.  I'll be sure to post my progress with my stories and my ATCs.  I think it's a little strange to sign up for a swap after making my second ATC ever - but this is what Project 33 is about.  Stretching myself creatively.   There was another swap called The Happy Cupcake swap but I don't think I'm artistic enough for that swap.  They don't want images embellished with markers and glitter.  Pretty much leaves me out.  

Today: I started a layout "33 at 33."  It's a list of 33 things I want to do while I'm 33.  I also went to a new restaurant with two friends to celebrate my birthday.  I found a new book which I want very much.

It doesn't come out until June.  Until then...I'll be wishing and hoping.  I also bought a book on Asperger's Syndrome to help with my job.  I hope it meets my needs.  Well that's it for now.  I hope you had a wonderful Thursday!
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