Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Humpday Challenge

This week's challenges are brought to you by Method Playground and Effer Dares. The first layout - 1st born- is for the Method Playground challenge. Let me tell you - it was quite the challenge. I was so excited when I read it - Use 5 different papers from 5 different manufacturers. This was unbelievably difficult because I really am quite single-minded when it comes to my manufacturers. I had a hard time finding something that wasn't Basic Grey, October Afternoon or Crate Paper. To be completely honest - I had a hard time finding something that wasn't Basic Grey. Sheesh I need to get out of my Basic Grey box - but I love them so. Once I got the papers out everything fell into place. Oh how I love layering on my pages. Fills me with warmth. In other news - I went to Method Playground to get the correct wording on the challenge and I WON the photo collage challenge! I'm hoping the italics shows my intense excitement since you can't hear the squeals of joy and surprise. If you check out their blog you'll see my name and pics of my Tonks and Charmian's Shabach. So happy!

My second layout is for the Effer Dares challenge. Their challenge was:

"PET PEEVES: Is it the big things or the little ones that get to you? The dumb stuff people say or the tchotkes they put in their cube? We gotta know... what bugs you the most?"

I didn't know what I was going to write about until I went to the Laundromat on Monday. Missouri has not passed a law to prohibit smoking in public places - which is just atrocious based on the number of people with allergies and asthma in this part of the country. So at my Laundromat I am often faced with smokers. And honestly, I believe to each it's own when it comes to smoking- except when I am washing my clothes. I do not want my clothes to smell like smoke after taking them to the place where clean clothes live. HELLO! After smelling the distinct smell of smoke on Monday and cursing under my breath - I realized this was a great subject for my Pet Peeves layout. At least something good came out of someone smoking at the Laundromat. BTW: I used a photo from Microsoft Word since I don't have any pics of my Laundromat. So that's it for challenges this week. I think I will be uploading the paper challenge on Method Playground. I just need to put it on my Two Peas Profile. I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday. Until then...Happy Crafting!

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