Friday, March 27, 2009

Hodgepodge's Friday and I made it. I'm so done with being sick, tired and stressed out. I've decided this is it. I'm getting off the mats. I'm going to be 32 in a few days and this just can't continue. I WANT to look forward to my birthday - which I'm currently struggling to do. I WANT to enjoy my job and feel like it's helping me not hurting me. I WANT to actually be fun to be around - which I am SO not right now. So from here on this post is going to be my attempt to do better, be better, and feel better.

First, I've spent two 1/2 days at home. This means I've spent a lot of time at home with my kitty which has given me the opportunity to get some pretty cool pictures of the diva kitty. Here are two of my favorites.

On the crafting front, I thought I would go through my thought process when choosing a challenge for the following week. First, I take a look at the challenges - pretty obvious I know. The challenges that caught my eye this week are:

Creative Therapy: What’s something you wish you could do? (Something you know how but are too afraid to try.) - I really like the idea of this prompt - can't really think of a story for a layout.

Method Playground: Use a monochromatic color scheme on your page... Period!... Any subject, any materials, any journaling, any title, any size... Just make the page a "one color wonder"!! - I have a lot of similar color families when it comes to patterned paper. I also have a few stories written in my journaling book - definitely a possibility.

OLW: Word Up #48 - READY. - I think I could use some of my posts from this week to show how ready I am right now for an upswing.

Journaling Junkie: The focus of this challenge would be an everyday event and using repetition -- recording what you were thinking about either while you were taking the pictures or how the pictures made you feel after you pulled them out to get ready to scrap them. - I think I could use my pictures of Tonks from this week.

Effer Dares: Splurges/Indulgences - I could use a bunch of things for this, books, cupcakes, scrapbook stuff. Really - the possibilities are endless.

Color Combos Galore:

After I've taken stock of the interesting challenges and the story possibilities, I start looking at possible combinations. For example, right now I'm really leaning towards One Little Word's Ready challenge. It would be great to combine that challenge with Color Combos Galore or Method Playground since there is no story component. I also really like the Effer Dares challenge because it will help me focus on things I love which is a really good thing right now. Creative Therapy's challenging is intriguing but for a different reason. The design team for this site is really diverse in their art mediums. Due to my current creative state, I thought it might be the perfect time to try a canvas and work off of their prompt. So - you can see I have a lot to think about. If it was a good week - I would possibly do all three. I'm hoping for a good day this weekend where I really want to stretch my creative legs. I know I won't make a decision until I'm in that chair - but I'm already mentally toying with words and pictures for each challenge. I have really good pictures for the Effer Dares challenge. I also have plenty of self-portraits for the OLW challenge. So - there it is - a little bit of my process. It gets me a little pumped just writing about it - weekend crafting here I come! Check back on Wednesday to see what I choose and how it goes. Until then...Happy Crafting!

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