Sunday, May 11, 2014

Art Journaling Progress & A Quick Hello

I thought I'd drop in with a quick hello, a few thoughts and some progress. First things first, Happy Mother's Day to all you mommas, aunties, pet owners, crafty people, etc. I think this day is a meaningful one for a great deal of women - ranging from utter and complete bliss to heartbreaking despair and grief. It always shocks me how people say "Happy Mother's Day" to all women of a certain age - as if it's a given that you have a child. Mother's Day has become somewhat like Valentine's Day in my eyes - despite the fact that I celebrate the many women in my life that are mothers - it is one more reminder of what my life lacks and most likely will always lack.

Which got me thinking (always a dangerous endeavor)...I do have a cat - and I am her momma though I think she might argue that I am, in fact, a member of her staff. If I take the time to go a little deeper, I can give a list of things I've "given birth" to (in a much less painful way); crafting projects, art girls, words strung into sentences, jokes, etc. It's a joyful moment to realize I am a mother of sorts. For me, it makes this day sting just a little bit less. However, I know that it will not bring solace to all - so I believe there should be a ban on giving random happy sentiments to people you don't know.

Anyhoo...I didn't plan to ramble on nearly as much about that subject. Sorry. I want to give a quick update of my artsy pursuits. I've got a few projects in progress right now. I will share two today and one fiasco on Friday. The first page was an early attempt at spray misting, stenciling, and general artsy messiness. The background was done months (maybe even a year ago). I added the circles and girl in the past few weeks. She's taking a rest right now as I decide on my next step.

I love so many things about this girl. I love that I drew her - head to shoulders. She is definitely heavily influenced by Tamara Laporte and Andrea Gomoll. I love the wind-swept hair. I love the transparency of her skin tone. I love her. I think that's why I'm stuck. I'm terrified to eff her up.

The second project comes from an assignment in my Lifebook 2014 class called "Tree of Life." It's also not done. It needs a quote badly. I'm trying to find the "perfect" one - there that word is again...perfect. I tried to change my color palette but have come to the realization that coral seems to be my fall back palette lately. I will most likely be adding some teal and navy at some point.

I'm a little irritated with that doily. I think it splits focus and is reflective of poor planning and composition. Mind you - I know very little about proper composition and focal points - but still it seems to be a major issue. Another thing to work on...

So that's it for now. I have a short list of things I'd like to work on in the upcoming months. I am determined to learn how to draw/paint natural hair. There are some really great examples out there but not a lot of information on how to do it. I can't wait to have pages and pages of horrid Just when I'm starting to be slightly impressed by my ability to accept imperfection - a new thing to learn comes round the bend sure to ignite great turmoil and gnashing of teeth in my household. I'm sure the walls of the house will turn blue with the color of my language on those "practice" days. I CAN--NOT wait. Moving on...I hope everyone's had a lovely day. I'm working on a surprise project and think I might have overdone it a bit...but that's life and art. I hope you've had a chance to express yourself today in whatever pursuit you enjoy. Happy Sunday! Until then...

BTW: For those of you wondering when I starting using words like "igniting" and "endeavor"...don't worry - I just have Pride and Prejudice (2005) on in the background.

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