Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday Madness

Another week of Monday Madness - and I'm starting to feel a little mad. BTW: When I say mad, I mean crazy not angry. I'm so tired and frustrated with being creatively dead right now it brings me to tears. I had the hardest time finding something for Monday Madness despite my prior planning. I have pictures ready for this weekly and I just feel nothing. Well, not nothing - I do feel a little happy about this set - how could you not? Birds, Clouds, Sun - the best of nature in my opinion. The only thing missing are trees. I hate being a killjoy on such a wonderful day like Monday Madness - but being burnt out is a real bitch. Please pardon my language. I've really come to depend on this crafty thing. I find my mind is wired differently now. I'm constantly coming up with stories for events. I look forward to crafting on the weekends - but I can't find the creative energy right now. I think the hardest thing about this current downswing is there is no Plan B. My Plan B is not interesting me either. I'm trying to remember that writing this blog is an act of creativity. Also, testing out textures on my photos is an act of creativity.

I find that I'm very concrete when it comes to certain areas of my life. For example, I always wanted to help people so I became a social worker. I took a very literal view of helping people. I wish I would have thought out of the box a little more. Books and crafts help me so much. There are so many ways to help people. I wish I would have seen that earlier. And even though I know that now - I'm happy with my choice to be a social worker. However, if I ever need a change - I know to think out of the box. I wish I could learn this lesson in my creative life - find the breakthrough. I wish I could be a little less concrete when it comes to this creative thing. I think there are too many things kicking me in the junk right now. I'm really looking forward to CKC in a little less than two weeks and then a craft weekend. At least there's that...At least there's something. I really hope my mojo comes back soon. I absolutely hate being burnt out. I hope this Monday finds you well and full of creative energy - everyone deserves that. Until then...Happy Crafting!

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