Friday, March 6, 2009

What the heck?

I'm going to have a great weekend crafting and playing trivia with my friends. I have plans to try out my new stamps. I'm also going to work on some challenges. I'm going to continue to play with my watercolor pencils and maybe even break out my Prismacolors one more time. I have big plans to watch this video over the weekend. I'm hoping it gets me excited about my colored pencils. Part of the problem is in my head of course. I need to be a little less perfection oriented with my crafting. It's so strange b/c I'm not really that way in other parts of my life. I'm also planning on having a long date with Tim Holtz's new demo videos. I love this crafting thing! Thank God for weekends. Thank God for Fridays. Until then...Happy Crafting.

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