Sunday, March 22, 2009

I Can't Believe

Sad girl. I'm a sad girl right now. I need to reboot - I need to be near my family - I need to reconnect with the things I love - I need something - something I don't even know. I can't believe I feel like this right now. I can't believe I ever wanted to grow up so fast. I can't believe tomorrow starts ANOTHER friggin' work week. I just can't believe it. I want you to brace yourself - because I'm in a serious creative funk. If you're one of those people that needs positive thoughts and creative energy, you might want to play this week by ear in terms of visiting the blog - cuz I have very little positive flowing through me at this moment. Still, I'd love to have you here. Just thought you needed a heads up. I don't think happy is in the cards this week. I'm definitely not at one with the universe. Here's hoping I will be. Have a wonderful week. Until then...Happy Crafting!

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