Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Reading Corner

Yesterday, I started the day sending out my positive thoughts into the universe and I'm relatively sure the universe told me to suck it. Although I have been wrong many times before - only time will tell. It wasn't all bad. It was a beautiful day and I got home early enough to kick back and relax! With that said, in reading news...

I've been stalking this book at my local Barnes and Noble for a while now. It seemed like an interesting story concept and being a New York Times bestseller was definitely a plus. For some reason, I just couldn't take the plunge and buy the paperback. The price was just too much. I have no idea why. I recently saw the book in the bargain section for $5.99 and knew immediately it was going home with me. I initially thought I would explain the plot here-but I just can't. Sorry. Take a look at the synopsis on the Barnes and Noble website. The premise reminds me of the movie Sliding Doors with Gwyneth Paltrow. The movie tracks two possible life paths based on the outcome of one choice. I love the movie despite my mild dislike of Gwyneth. I started the book on Sunday and it's taking me a little while to get interested. But, to be honest it's taking me a little while to get interested in anything right now. I didn't even know George Clooney was shooting a movie in my own town! What the heck is that? I'll keep you posted on my reading progress - I hope it's steady. I could really use a book to lose myself in right now. I could really use something!

I found out about this new gem from Scrapbook Trends on this blog today. I'm looking so forward to purchasing it. I'll have to do some scheming to get it on sale since Michaels changed their policy about books and magazines - which really was a kick in the holy place. I'm hoping to be able to get this and the Binderie at Archivers. This will only work if they email their coupons. Here's hoping. I'm really starting to get into stamping and would love to have ANOTHER book to lead me further in this direction. Most of my books have nothing to do with stamping. This magazine can be found here if you are impatient and get paid more often than I do (or save money) I hope everyone has a nice Tuesday. Until then...Happy Reading & Crafting!

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