Sunday, July 11, 2010

Style Redux

My personal crafty style is a question that lingers over my head constantly.  I'm constantly trying to find a word that describes my style.  This usually applies to my scrapbooking more than anything else.  After my last post on style, one of my dear friends looked online and labeled my scrapbook style as whimsical and playful.  When I took a look for myself, I found that I also fit into the contemporary and eclectic categories.  So needless to say - I'm a lot of things when it comes to scrapbooking.

So while checking my regular links, I found the greatest thing ever - a Paper Crafts publication solely focused on card style.  I had a pretty good idea of what I fit into - fun and cute - but when I took the quiz I was sort of all over the place.  

The quiz in the magazine has only five questions.  I had two answers in the clean and graphic category.  I had two in fun & cute and one in shabby & vintage.  When I take these quizzes, I find that I'm on the fringe.   I always come up as clean and graphic because of my love for patterns.  However, my pages and cards are NOT clean and graphic.  I think there might be a category missing.  In the end, I think I am fun and cute with a few graphic and shabby elements.  Which I think makes me eclectic - otherwise known as there is no concise explanation of your card style.  The great thing is - I'm okay with that.  I like being able to move among the styles.  I also love having a solid idea of what elements I'm drawn to.  So - I'm going to enjoy every part of this magazine and adopt the styles, products, and templates that I'm aching to try.  That's what's it all about really.  Finding what works for you and moving forward.  I love this hobby of mine.

Today: I will be going to my first New England scrapbooking store.  I also have plans to craft with one of my favorite people in the entire world - my sister.  Love the laughs that seem almost constant when we're together.  Love the way she knows me through and through.  Love everything about being close to family.  Thank God for summer vacations!  I hope everyone has a relaxing Sunday.  Until then...

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