Thursday, July 15, 2010

Off the Map

I've always tried to make a plan for this blog.  And to be honest - I do better when I have some structure to work with.  Now it's time to go off the map.  Why do you ask?  Mainly because I spend a good 2-3 hours each day checking my regular blogs and allowing myself to go where they take me.  This is a luxury I have during the summer.  And I have found a lot to be happy about.  Consequently, I will be blogging more than once a day for a while.  At least I think I will be blogging more than once a day.  Since I'm not on my own computer - another reason to get a laptop - I need to post what I find during my current adventure.  So without futher ado - I bring you Artsyville.

The artist's name is Aimee and she is absolutely fantastic.  I've always wanted to take a stab at mixing words with images in short story form.  I have it written down in one of my idea books.  In my wildest dreams - I don't believe I could have come up with something as beautiful as this.  Let me take you on a long trip of my favorites from this wonderful Etsy shop.

*Nice to Meet YouIdentity, Unlearning, Bewitched by Books, Secret Door, & Do the Duty - these all speak to my life or my thought processes in a meaningful way.

*Teach What You Love and Mind Boggling Business - I want these in my office at school.

*Escaping on Paper and Creative Fire - both prints speak to my love of paper and pursuit to be creative.

Love everything about this artist.  Love her message.  Love her typography.  Love her art.  So much.

CHA Finds
*American Crafts - City Park - Love the felt embellishments so much.

*Cosmo Cricket - Togetherness - Love the curly letters and tiny type.

*Unity Stamps - Cosmo Cricket Lines - I love Togetherness Icons, Togetherness Families, Pixie-licious Fairies, & Pixie-licious Blooms

*Prima - The Paisley Road Collection - love the bright colors and patterns.

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