Friday, July 2, 2010

Oh - Sorta Like Harry Potter?

I was out and about recently - and a man asked me about the book I was reading. BTW: I knew this man - he wasn't a total stranger. I told him it was about magicians. Yes, I was trying to be a smart ass. He had really pissed me off on this particular day. So he takes the book from me - which was okay because he always does that - and then asks me if it's "sorta" like Harry Potter. I gave a short response, something like "no, it's nothing like Harry Potter," then took my book back and got out of dodge. I should have said - this book is like Harry Potter if the characters were cursing, using a variety of drugs, drinking their weight in alcohol, and having sex like foxes (book reference). In fact, the only similarities are the protagonist is a boy who attends magic school and it all ends there, gasbag!  I wonder what he would've said to that? Alas - my conscience would not let me go that far but it would've been nice to see the reaction. All this to say I'm finally finished with this book - otherwise known as my Goliath for the summer.

It was a good book. I want to say great book but it operated under this paradigm that I have yet to figure out. It was a very strange reading experience. I enjoyed reading the book. I was always interested in what would happen next, but only when I was reading. Once I put the book down - it stayed down for days at a time. It took over a month to read.  I've had this experience with books before and I just don't get it. How can something be compelling and interesting but not in a way that urges you to return to the story.  It's definitely worth a read. I'm not happy that I'm behind on my hope of reading like nobody's business - but hopefully my next several reads will be a breeze. I've already moved on to The Girl Who Played With Fire - which is interesting, compelling, and (what's one word for I want to pick it up all the time?). Happy to be moving on.

Today: I have big plans, which basically means I'm going to leave my house. I'm going to journey south then head back home and try to tackle the Tuesday Trigger from the Moxie Fab blog. This week's trigger is based on this photograph.

I've already colored one image with the color scheme and really didn't like it. It's back to the drawing board - I might use paper to tell the color story.  I might even try some paper piecing again.  I hope to have something to post by this evening or tomorrow. We'll see. So that's it for right now. I hope everyone has a nice Friday. Until then...

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