Friday, July 2, 2010

It's Complicated

Isn't this picture beautiful?  I love the distressed wall and table.  I love the pink of the roses and the teal color of the vase.  I also love the teacup and saucer.  So it shouldn't come as any surprise that making cards based on this photo were a joy.  I did have some complications - but they were all insignificant in the end.  I started out with a stained glass image which I colored with two different mediums before moving on to something completely different. 

The color story for this card is very similar to the picture.  I chose to use orange in a very small amount on this card.  I chose this sweet image from Stamping Bella because it referenced the flowers from the photo.  I stamped this image five times and colored it twice before it was all over.  But that's okay because I ended up with something I really love.  After completing the card, I wasn't completely satisfied so I moved on to another image.

I absolutely love this image from My Favorite Things and felt it would be perfect.  I immediately wanted to paper piece the image using the new Olivia paper line from Basic Grey.  I completely discarded the orange and concentrated on the vase and flowers.  I have to be honest - piecing this card together was not easy.  I just don't think you can beat the effect.  It's far better than any coloring I could have done.  I finished very happy with my image.

I'm immensely happy with the trigger this week on the Moxie Fab blog.  I'm happy it got me to push into a new color story without too much resistance on my part.  I think I will start combining teal with pink in my regular work.  Just another way this hobby opens me up.  I encourage anyone to participate in challenges.  It's really a great way to expand your creativity.  Love it so much.  So that's it for today.  Hope everyone is continuing to have a nice Friday.  Until then...

BTW: It's no longer possible to embed the video of Alex and Twitch performing from last Tuesday's So You Think You Can Dance.  If you are interested in seeing the most fantastic thing ever, just click here.

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