Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Here, There, Everywhere - Part Deux

Good morning!  Once again I have a few fun things to share with you today.  This is going to be a link/picture/word heavy post.  I hope everyone enjoys! :)

Not Sure What to Do Here!
I'm back with three stamps to share from my personal stash that have me completely stumped.  I'm not sure where the disconnect is happening in my right brain - I wish I could fix it.  Let's start with one more Memory Box stamp.

I think this stamp is absolutely beautiful.  I made one bookmark with it for a friend from work - but that's where it all ended.  I've tried multiple things - coloring, painting, twinkling H2Os, and distress inks - but to no avail.  So - once again I started searching!  Before I start posting links - I just want to give a plug to the Memory Box website.  They have amazing examples and tutorials to help people like me out. So without further ado...

*Spring Greens Card - Memory Box (with instructions)

*Inspired by a Butterfly Card - Memory Box (with instructions)

*Enchanted Butterfly Collage - Dave Brethauer (tutorial)

*Sponge Inspired Butterfly - Create x 3 (instructions)

Meredith the Teacup Girl - Stamping Bella

Scarlet the Teacup Girl - Stamping Bella

I love these stamps so much.  They're whimsical, fun, and cute.  My favorite thing is that the sweet girls in the images lend themselves to different skin colors - which is pretty much perfection in my book.  So - why in the eff can't I color either one of them to my satisfaction?  I've had this stamp since April and have pitched every attempt at coloring each image - maybe they're too cute.  Who the heck knows - but if you haven't noticed, it's really pissing me off.  So the search began - and I gotta be honest, I'm a little more frustrated by how cool people can make them look.

*Meredith the Teacup Girl - Paper Expressions Blog - I absolutely love the black embossed hair!

*Meredith the Teacup Girl - Jackie Pedro

*Meredith the Teacup Girl - Jodi Collins - I love the clear embossing

*Scarlet the Teacup Girl - Kay's Crafty Corner

*Scarlet the Teacup Girl - Jackie Pedro

*Scarlet the Teacup Girl - Jodi Collins

Lots of inspiration.  Lots of cool coloring.  Hope I have a little inspiration to color one of the girls up nice today. We'll see!  If you hear the loudest swearing ever - don't worry - it's just me.  :)

Product Love
To be honest, I hadn't planned on doing another product love today.  I thought I had unloaded enough product yumminess yesterday - but not so much.  Only one thing to share today from one of my favorite stamping companies.  

Lizzy Lollipop - Stamping Bella

Meet Lizzy Lollipop from Stamping Bella.  I absolutely love all things bee.  I love bees so much that I've planned to someday get a tattoo of a cupcake with a flower top with a bumblebee buzzing around it.  Love bumblebees - all of them down to the transformer.  But I digress...I have a little confession to make.  I never noticed this stamp on the Stamping Bella site until I saw this card.  I just love what Jeanie Witmer did with this image.  I also loved this card by Paula Tracy.  Just love this image - it must be mine!

Fun Finds & Inspiration
*Check out these new fringe scissors from Fiskars.  I'm still trying to wrap my head around using them.

*I love this Art Grid Calendar from Paper Source.  This is a great product for it's utilitarian function and for making art prints later.  I LOVE the trees.

*I love the design of this kitchen by Sarah Richardson from Sarah's House on HGTV.  I love her style so much.  For more Sarah Richardson love - check out this Elements of Style post.

*I love the colors in this Double Torsade Necklace from Anthropologie.

*I love these invitations from Minted on the Green Wedding Shoes blog.

*Check out this tutorial from Operation Write Home's blog on Paper Punch People.  So cute.

*Check out this sponging technique from Paula Tracy - so great!

*Check out this great canvas art from Lucy Edson - love it!

*I'm in love with Design Sponge's post on nurseries.  I love all things design and this post really hit the spot!

So believe it or not - that's almost it for now.  I still haven't done my daily search for CHA sneak peeks so there might be another post a little later.  Before I go - I wanted to leave you with a tip and a cool resource.  

Tip: When looking at fun blogs on paper crafting be sure to take a deeper look.  Jodi Collins's cards are definitely in the running for my favorite cards of all time.  I love everything about her blog.  I often look at it and want to flog myself for not being so creative.  Recently - I started trying to look at things a little differently.  While Jodi Collins is an amazing artist - there is something more to take from her posts then just envy.  I've started to look more closely at the structure of the card to take away a sketch or the layering of patterned papers.  This has given me even more ideas/sketch resources and has helped my shaken ego a little. :)

Cool Resource: Check out Beate (pronounced mia-ta like the car) Johns blog.  She has great video tutorials on her blog.  

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