Monday, July 5, 2010

Fun Finds

Good morning.  I've been talking about making things a little more structured on the blog and giving it some of the focus it had when it started.  Fun Finds is one of my attempts to bring structure.  So, how does it work?  It's pretty simple.  I spend a lot of time on blogs and creative sites - especially during the summer. I find a lot of cool things; new products, tutorials, techniques, blogs, etc. that I want to share on my blog.  In the past I've put the blogs in the sidebar and the products in product love posts.  Product love posts will continue - but I'll be sharing some of my other fun finds in this new way.  I also have a Fun Finds category for blogs on the sidebar.  These blogs will eventually end up in their respective category to make room for more fun finds.  I'm very excited about this new change!  So without further ado - let's get started!

*A Million Memories had a blog hop over the weekend.  Each of their design team members created a tutorial as part of the hop.  I especially loved the tutorials here and here.  Let me just say one more thing - Larissa Albernaz rocked the tutorial.  I can barely wrap my head around her project - love it!  This star wand would be a cool project to do with kids.

*52 Lists - Sherri Pellitier has started a project to complete 52 lists in one year.  The project is based on Emily Falconbridge's mini art journaling project - 52Q - and Listography books.  There's also a Flickr group for participants.  What I like about this challenge is it's an opportunity to tell the story of you in a creative way.  Also, it is a time capsule of sorts.  It would be interesting to do something like this every 10 years.  Even though it's a mini art journaling challenge - the lists can be done in a variety of mediums.  So cool.

*Speaking of art journals...I always think of paint, sketching, layers, and collage when I hear or see the word art journals.  Christine Middlecamp has a great art journal that turns my perceptions on their ear - great examples are here and here.

*Ideas for Scrapbookers - Cool site with sketches, techniques and tutorials.  A lot of great ideas and information on this blog.  So glad I found it!

*Check out Clips-n-Cuts Weekend Videos.  I love any chance to learn techniques and see how other crafters work.

*Check out Agata Dag's Flickr photostream.  She makes amazing cards and has opened me up to the idea of using kraft cardstock as a base for coloring images.  So cool.  My particular favorites are here, here, and here.  It is my mission to learn how she made the last card!

So - that's it for now.  I hope these links were interesting.  I will be on the lookout for more as the week goes by.  Not sure how often this post will be happening - but it's sure fun to do - from research to publishing!  Hope everyone has a great Monday!  Until then...

BTW:  Picture inspired by another fun find

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