Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Butterfly Effect

Have you ever heard of the butterfly effect?  It is usually referenced in discussions on weather.  When I searched for the actual quote - there was a lot of different versions.  I wasn't able to get a definitive answer. The gist of the theory is that a butterfly can flap it's wings and cause a major change in weather  on the other side of the world (think tornado, hurricane, tsunami).  Recently when I was looking at a few blogs I started thinking about the butterfly effect.  Does it apply to the direction of my life?  I believe life can be changed by the smallest moments.  So it got me wondering - what would my life be like if....

*I could make art like Geninne.

*I could sketch like Andrea Joseph.

*I could think outside the box and create something beautiful out of something broken like this.  It's a huge talent.

*I had a mind to make artsy mini books like Ania.

*I had the eye for color and design of Pam Carriker.

*I had the the artistic scrapbooking style of Larissa Albernaz or Michele Clement.

*I could bake like this.

Would my life be different?  How have I changed the trajectory of my life by my current creative pursuits?  Am I creating a new life every time I craft or write a word on this blog?  It's a strange thing to wrap your head around.  I know one thing for sure - the idea of the smallest moments/movements creating change gives me hope.  It makes me believe my life can become more creative - that I'm capable of reaching for my dreams. I'm inspired by all the artists I wish I could be more like - but being me is okay too.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday.  I believe today might be the day I see this.  Can't flippin' wait!  Until then...

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