Saturday, June 19, 2010

Work of Art

In the last couple days (lazy days), I came upon the new show on Bravo, "Work of Art."  Being very interested in all things arty and creative - I thought I'd be a sucker for this show.  Add my friend asking me if I watch it and giving her endorsement and I was in.  Until...I saw an ad and one of the judges was saying "that's not art."  I think that's pretty close to what he said and I was immediately pissed.  I guess from my foray into crafting I've started to finally get the message.  You are allowed to define your art.  You are allowed to define whether you are a crafter or an artist.  I wouldn't call myself an artist - but that's just me.  There are many people in the crafting world that are artists - hands down...from scrapbookers to knitters to sculptors.  No one has the effing right to tell someone what they do is not art.  Now I think it's fine to say I don't like this art or this looks like trash (not to the artist though obviously), but it's not okay to define art for anyone else.  There are plenty of things I see and think is absolute junk but is considered art.  My opinion doesn't change what it is.  So - I'm on the fence about this show.  I'm intrigued because I do like seeing other people's process and concepts of creativity/art.  I just don't want to get bogged down in the judge's message.  What Ali E. says is absolutely true - it is okay.  Whether you define yourself as an artist/crafter/knitter/scrapbooker/etc., it is all okay.  Be who you are.  I just wanted to be able to say that - it's important to remember.  It's a daily struggle for me - ask E or M - but I'm working on it.  So there Mr. Judge!  I hope everyone has a nice Saturday.  Until then...

BTW: Morguefile does it again!

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