Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Last Few Days

Good morning.  Still no crafty goodness to report.  I'm planning on working on something today - not sure how it's going to work but I'm hopeful.  More on that later - I hope.  So instead of perseverating on my lack of creative productivity, I thought I'd give a recap of what's being going on at Chez Lou in the last few days.

I've been watching this (not a picture of my house but wouldn't it be cool if it was?).

I rented this.  BTW: I had no expectations for this movie.  No, I had incredibly low expectations for this movie.  My take on it - too many people, too many story lines, no story or character development except Ashton and Jennifer Garner's characters.  It becomes a little hard to care when you don't know anything about anyone.  My personal faves were Julia Roberts and Bradley Cooper.  I heard they are thinking of doing something similar with New Year's Eve.  I hope they don't put so many characters in it.  Otherwise, honestly, it just blows.

I also rented this.  Gotta love Josh Duhamel (how the heck do you say his last name?).  Kristen Bell was also good.  Again, I had low expectations and was pleasantly surprised.

Did a lot of this (sleeping if you can't guess).

Still reading this.  It's actually really good but easy to put down.  Not sure how those things go together.  Need to step it up if I'm going to be a reading machine and beat my number from last summer.

Addicted to this song and I'm not sure how or why.

Also addicted to this song - and I totally know why.  I love Idina and I love Lady Gaga.

And finally, I've spent a lot of time with this girl.  She's been sweet and on her game.  Here's hoping that lasts. :)

We're happy as clams around here.  Hope to get crafting today.  Hope everyone has a nice Sunday and Father's Day!  Until then...

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