Monday, June 28, 2010

Tuesday Trigger & Roo

Happy Monday!  I know - it's easy to say that when summer break is part of your work life.  I will say a few things. I know how hard Mondays are - it's like looking down the barrel of a gun some weeks.  I have the kind of job that if you didn't get a summer break, I don't think many people could do it without having a nervous breakdown.  Finally, with my health the way it is - summer break is a necessity.  I think summer breaks are literally adding more years to my working life - which is huge for me.  Still - my heart goes out to all of my friends that work full-time, year-round.  Feel free to shake your fists or call me names - I  totally understand.   I'm not sure if that diatribe was necessary but there it is.  On to happier things...

The Moxie Fab World blog (sponsored by Paper Crafts magazine) has a weekly challenge called Tuesday Trigger.  For months - I've wanted to participate in one of the weekly triggers but things just haven't worked out.  When I went on the blog last week, I immediately knew I wanted to participate in this trigger.  So - what got me so inspired?  Beyond the fact the top is absolutely brilliant and fun, I was really taken by the color scheme and the floral print.  My original plan was to use one of my large Hero Arts cling flowers on the page.  However - as time went on - I new I wanted to take another stab at doing a card like this one.

This card is completely out of my comfort zone.  I never had done a card like this before.  If you would have asked me before making it - I would have said - 'never in a million years will I make a card like that.'  Thank God for my change of mind or brave streak or whatever.  I love it now.  I haven't tried anything like it since.  Something about the trigger photo made me think of it - and then I was off and running.  I decided to go with a Hero Arts image - just not a floral one.

I'm a big fan of cityscapes.  I have several stamps of this sort - but rarely bring them out for stamping.  This stamp is part of Hero Arts summer release and was on top of my wanted list the moment I saw it.  I'm very satisfied with the result.  Originally - I had a yellow button in the upper right corner.  I didn't really think I had a sentiment that worked.  Then I remembered the sentiment from Amuse and knew it was perfect.  Love it.  I stamped three images and did some fussy cutting to create a dimensional look.

Anyhoo - I went to the Moxie Fab blog this morning and imagine my surprise when I found out the project was due last night - the night I finally got off my rear to do something.  I assumed the deadline would be today.  I need to read the fine print more.  Despite my screw up - I'm really happy with the card.

I thought I'd end this post with a pic of my Roo Girl.  This is her new spot when I post.  It's where my Xyron and paper are stored.  I don't think it could possibly be comfortable - but she loves it.  The picture is at a weird angle (I was trying to do something funky).  I hope everyone has a nice Monday.  I think I might be getting paybacks from my earlier comments  on Monday.  My computer crashed three times in the writing of this post.  Not so good.  I'm happy it's finally done.  Blessings all around.  Until then...

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