Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Voice Inside My Head

Last night I was with friends for dinner and I started thinking a lot about the voice inside my head.  Some people call it their inner critic - but I'm not nearly that high brow.  I call her the voice inside my head.  I use to have a name for her and thought she was being protective but now I know different.  I'm the kind of person who thinks way too much.  I'm naturally introverted and most of my recharging happens when I'm alone and she pops out.  And she's good at keeping me safe - but her way of doing that is to keep me out of the game - to stay with what's familiar and comfortable.  She can be a great help.  But let's' be frank - sometimes she's downright ugly.  I can hardly do anything that I enjoy without her harping about whether I'm doing it right and that I can't be wrong.  She thinks mistakes are for chumps.  She doesn't like hanging out there to see something new.  She's all about protection at any cost.  Something happened recently and I realized it's time to start doing the hard, uncomfortable things.  I'm never going to get where I want if I don't take some risks.  So though I'm thankful she has been keeping me safe - I need her to be a little more adventurous.  And I know that she's me - but it feels more empowering to separate her from the bulk of who I am.  It makes it easier to figure out a new plan.  After all - life isn't a dress rehearsal.  Until then...

BTW: All this talk of the voice inside my head makes me think of the song by Sister Hazel, "The World Inside My Head."  I love it.  Thought I'd give the opportunity to listen to it here.

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