Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Inspiration Station

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A few years ago, my sister told me about the yellow and gray color scheme. She even showed me the Ashley Citron Duvet set. I immediately vetoed the idea stating that it was not good and didn't make a lot of sense to me. Cut to the spring of 2010 - I am totally in love with this color combination. It really started to click when I started watching Sarah's House on HGTV. In her farmhouse, she has two yellow and gray color schemes and it's just so lovely and calming. I know - who ever thought yellow was calming? I plan on using this scheme in my bedroom - if I ever get a chance to redo it. Adding the vintage blue or pale blue-green is a real revelation for me. I think it adds to the soothing effect. Love it.

This brings me to my final thoughts. Scrapbooking and cardmaking have really opened up a new world to me. Prior to starting my crafty/handmade life - I was really stagnant when it came to colors. Now - I've embraced green, orange and yellow. I absolutely love these colors. While I still love my blues - I find myself looking to other colors more which just tickles me pink. There are so many great things that come into your life through crafting and it's not just having a chronicle of your life or being able to brighten someone's day with a handmade card. It permeates your life in the smallest and most meaningful ways. I feel better for it. Love this hobby so much. Love the two ladies that introduced me and support me in this crafty life. I feel so blessed. I hope everyone has a great Tuesday. I have a few errands to run but nothing too daunting. Until then...

Credits and Links
1. Original Painting - Petals in Gray Sky by StudioEriksdotter; 2. Unknown - Grabbed this photo a bit ago - can't remember where; 3. Ashley Citron Duvet set by Bliss Living; 4. Breath of Spring by urbandesign; 5. Impressions of Paris - 9 Fine Photographs in Yellow by littlebrownpen; 6. Think Happy Thoughts by hipheartt; 7. Yellow and Gray - Set of Three Tiny Flower Bobby Pins by Acute Designs; 8. Gray and Yellow Concrete - p-nut bowl by Impurevessels; 9. Clutch Zipper Purse by atomique47; 10. Mod Flora no. 8 - circle pendant by Snappypendants; 11. Optic Blossom Bag by atouchofstardust; 12. French Rose Pillow in Grey and Mustard Yellow by dedeetsyshop ; 13. Feathery Plumes No. 1 watercolor painting by Golly Bard; 14. Black and Yellow Bunting Invitations by allieruth; 15. Love by vol25; 16. Linen pincushion crochet motif by namolio; 17. Simplicity by the TheInspiredElement; 18. Something Blue Hair Pins by MiaBeads.

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