Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Movie Madness

I just finished this movie - maybe thirty minutes ago and was frankly amazed at how much I liked it.  It's not a happy movie (to say the least) and there's a twist at the end that seems to have given some critics and audience members whiplash.  I don't remember this movie coming out.  I don't remember seeing a trailer until it was being released on DVD.  I immediately knew I wanted to see it - Rob Patt with a natural complexion was enough to get me on board.  I didn't imagine it would be this sad or controversial.  

After watching the movie, one of the first things I did was look for movie reviews and audience comments.  I couldn't find many, but I did learn a few things.  

*The movie was released on limited screens and didn't get much support in terms of marketing.  

*I'm definitely not highbrow when it comes to movies - because I thought it was really good, even touching at times.

*I'm evidently a 33-year-old girl in a teenage body because some critics described the movie as an indie romance only teens could enjoy.

*This kind of a surprise ending is not well perceived.  I don't want to give anything away.   I will say one thing - I was completely shocked by the ending. 

*I will never understand critics or commentators.  Period.  For example, "There Will be Blood" was critically acclaimed and frankly I wish I could get back the minutes/hours of my life I spent watching it.  While this little film, was not viewed positively.

*Rob Pattinson has some acting chops - which is hard to see when all he is doing is pining for the human girl with no personality.  Don't get me wrong - I love Twilight.  It's just that Bella drives me nuts.

So - that's it, my two cents for today.  I wish I could recommend this movie - but I'm reticent because of the reactions to the ending.  I enjoyed it - for whatever that's worth.  If you're in the dumps - I'd pass.  It's really the kind of movie that could push you over the edge.  I plan to spend the rest of the day doing more happy things, like replenishing my mom's cards supplies and maybe doing a scrapbook page or two.  I hope this Wednesday finds you well.  Until then...

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