Friday, June 11, 2010

Thankful for Friends

Everyone needs one - one friend that listens and cares no matter what.  One friend that's willing to put up with your craziness and the accompanying random bullsh*! that comes out of your mouth.  One friend that mourns with you in your times of sadness and rejoices with you in times of happiness.  One friend that will travel miles to be with you.  One friend that cheers you on when you are insecure.  One friend that makes you laugh.  One friend that introduces you to new things. One friend that believes in you when you don't have the strength to believe in yourself.  I'm so glad to have found friends like that in my lifetime - to have rarely been without one.  I'm glad now when things have gotten blurry.  I hope to always be this kind of friend to at least one person.  It makes such a huge difference.  It's made such a huge difference for me.  And right now, in this moment, I wish it for everyone.  Until then...

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