Saturday, June 26, 2010

Is Less Really More?

There have been a few things pointing me to one question lately - what the heck is my style?  A few weeks ago, I was listening to Paperclipping Roundtable's Episode 12 and Tim Holtz was talking about Ali Edwards's style.  He defined it as classic - sort of like Pottery Barn.  I've always admired Ali's style or maybe I've admired the fact that she can define her style.  Last night - I was looking through an old special CK issue - 101 Expert Solutions - and came across a statement that got me thinking more.  Jill Hornby mentioned letting the picture be the star in her layouts and not using too many embellishments.  I am big into embellishments.  I envy Christine Middlecamp's style but I can't afford the amount of embellishments she uses on each page.  But it got me wondering - do I use too many elements on my pages? And then the more important question started to creep in my head - what is my style?

So I decided to do some investigating. I'm pretty sure of my cardmaking style - layers, stamped images, coloring, buttons and flowers.  Easy peasy.  Scrapbooking?  Not so much.  I tried to think of my favorite scrapbook pages.  These are the few that I chose -

If someone can tell me a theme I would really appreciate it - I know I'm not any closer to an answer.  This is what I see -

*I love patterned paper
*I'm drawn to one-photo layouts more than multi-photo layouts
*I love one-page layouts - I rarely do two page layouts.  I might have five in my entire cache.
*I'm crazy about flowers.
*I'm heavy on journaling.  When I start a page - I always start with story.
*I'm big on everyday stories.  I don't event scrapbook.
*I love to layer.
*Clearly a big fan of embellishments.
*I like titles to stand out on the page.
*I don't use traditional pictures to tell a story if it's something I feel really needs to be told.  Case in point - the wish layout is all about me but something about that picture of Tonks captured the feeling I wanted to convey. 

Does any of that fit into one style?  Got me!  It's frustrating not having a word to define what I am.  Eclectic?  Trendy? Who knows?  I do know one thing - man, I wish I had a style.  I'm sure other crafters feel this way.  I wish I was more like my three crafting buddies.  They don't seem to care about defining what their style is.  And because of that - I think they have a definitive style.  They also play and experiment more than I'm ever comfortable doing. I know it must seem silly moaning about style when there are so many other important things to think about.  I just can't shake it.  Someone please help.  Anyhoo - I'm going to try and stay calm.  I'm going to run errands and then craft hard with Crate Paper.  I hope everyone has a nice Saturday.  Until then...

BTW: Even though I'm still freaking out a little - writing down elements of my style is comforting.

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