Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Reading Corner - Outliers

This week's unofficial theme is the little or big things that are currently rocking my world.  I just (literally twenty minutes ago) finished reading Outliers and was blown away as usual by the amount of information Mr. Malcolm Gladwell can pack into one little book.  Blink is still my absolute favorite title of Mr. Gladwell's - but still Outliers was wonderful - a gift really.  Here are the five highlights of the book from my perspective...

1.  Hard work is NOT always the only explanation for the success of others.
2.  There are a number of contributing factors and even cultural influences shaping the success of others.
3.  10,000 hours - read the book to find out more.  I know it's a bit cruel to say but the read is just SO worth it.
4.  Hard work is absolutely necessary for success BUT it is by no means the only thing.
5.  Community is everything.

I'm not sure Malcolm would agree with my five favorite points - but they're mine and I own it.  I want to say something - I'm not a non-fiction girl.  I do not make it a habit to read books on success or choice or epidemics - but put this man's name on the title and I will pull out my debit card in a New York minute.  Amazing.  He rocks my world.  Not only that - it also means I'm ready to start my last book to fulfill my summer pledge and it's going to be an easy fun read with a perfect title if I say so myself.  It's on my Nook so it'll take some getting used to after reading several traditional books.  I'm giving myself a week on this one too.  I'm so happy this has been working out so well.  So without further ado - the next title is (drumroll please Roo Bear aka Tonks)...

Tomorrow - I should have a short update on how my new book is going but that is far from the main event.  I will be showing a scrappy product that rocked my world the moment I saw it.  I plan on purchasing said products today and giving them a little try before writing my post.  Absolutely can't wait.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday and comes back tomorrow for the next thing that's been rocking my world.  Until then...

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