Saturday, August 6, 2011

Template Love

I have a story to tell - a big story.  It means a lot to me and somehow I'm having the hardest time finding the words.  I wanted to publish this post on Wednesday - wrote it and hated it.  It's the equivalent of that big scrapbook story you want to tell but just can't get right or the holy grail product you're afraid to use.  However, I will not let the fear of getting the story wrong keep me from writing and posting.  There is no way to get it wrong, right? it goes.  If you've read my last post - you know I've been going through a difficult time which is getting better by leaps and bounds with the occasional setback.  I haven't been doing a lot of the things I use to love including reading blogs for hours and looking for that perfect piece of inspiration.  Fortunately - in the last few weeks - I was reading one of the first blogs I ever read recently by the loveable, talented Cathy Zielske and found what I'm currently calling the mother load.  What did I find?  I found Instagram templates.  If you don't have an iPhone - you might not know what I'm talking about.  Instagram is a wonderful little picture app that allows you to manipulate photos in the most interesting ways.  They come out in these little perfect squares that should never be altered to 4 X 6 under any circumstances - learned that the hard way.  Or - maybe I'm just not handy enough to clean up the image. So to make a very long story short - these templates were a highlight of my summer - maybe even my life (just kidding).  So without further ado, I give you two of the four templates you can find at Designer Digitals.

 Template no. 89 linked with love from original source

 Template no. 90 linked with love from original source

There are two additional templates (87 and 88) in 12 X 12 size for those of you with large format printers or handy enough to find a way to print out high quality large digital pages with ease.  I envy you so much.  So if you're like me - a template is a great thing made even more wonderful by an example...and who better to show the wonderfulness that are these templates than the creator herself - Mrs. Cathy Zielske.

 Layout linked with love from original source

I took a very long time making my own examples - which I will share in just a moment - and instantly feel in love.  I have to confess...I didn't just use Instagram photos.  I believe some might be Hipstamatic and for the second layout - I used movie poster images.  So let's just point out the mad amounts of versatility available through these lovely templates.

I used the templates developed by Cathy Zielske and the Stella Ruby Digital Starter Kit on both of these digie layouts.  I love both.  I got my first iPhone at Christmas time - so I spent mounds of time taking pictures and these templates were a perfect way to document events.  The first layout is my FIRST ever Christmas layout and I love it because it's just my style.  So before I go and overthink this post even more - I want to list of a few my favorite things about these templates and Cathy.

*They are versatile and so easy to use.  

*They cater to my needs for journaling the everyday moments - even when they're big events like Christmas or blessing my sister's new union with her wonderful husband.

*They finally give me an option to use for those little, lovely Instagram photos.  I really don't think that can be beaten.  

*They're by Cathy Zielske who/whom is a huge part of how and why I scrapbooked.  She helped me with design and see the cool element of scrapbooking.  She made it real with her two books on clean and simple scrapping found here and here.  I've read the second book so much it's falling apart - which should not be seen as a lack of quality but the overwhelming attention I've given it.  I hope that helps you understand how much I love it.

*Cathy is a cool person with mega talent and a willingness to share her life - both good and bad.  I admire that so much.  She is one of the few scrapbookers that taught me it is okay to tell the hard stories.

*Her style is beautiful and graphic.  Despite being less clean and graphic nowadays - I still feel her influence on my pages.  

I could say so much more - I just love Cathy and these templates.  She has a free template titled InstaLove found here.  Absolutely take a look when you have time.  So that's it for now.  Look for some Product Love on Monday.  I hope everyone has a nice Saturday.  I'm staying inside today - trying to relax.  Until then...

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