Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Reading Corner - I Need Some Direction

So - I've changed the book I'm reading at least four times in the last seven days.  All of the books were good but I just couldn't get settled.  I'm blaming it on the unsettling time of year with school starting again when both anxiety and lunacy is on the rise.  However, it might be the symptom of a much larger issue - I don't seem to read as much during the school year.  I fully intend on this being the first year I kick that past practice in the face and get my reading on as much as effing possible.  So why this book?  To be honest - I started this book at the end of last school year and stopped.  The characters were kind of pissing me off.  Actually - the boy was really pissing me off.  Still...I've spent a lot of the last few days looking at this book on it's shelf thinking I should read it before the movie comes out - which is Friday.  I fully intend on it being my prize for this upcoming week.  So here it goes - another effing change.  I seem super hopeful, don't I?  I'm still working on Life is a Verb.  It's full of essays and I just can't seem to read it straight through.  I'm a friggin' mess over here.  Time to gear up!  I'm channeling Gibbs and getting on it!  I hope everyone has a lovely Tuesday.  Happy reading!  Until then...

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