Thursday, August 18, 2011

Simple Gifts - Process of a Project.

I have a really simple project to share today.  It's inspired by the wonderful Nancy Nally and Paperclipping Roundtable.  In one of the early episodes - Nancy talked about stamping on Moleskine kraft covered notebooks.  It actually spun off into a pretty hilarious conversation about how to pronounce Moleskine properly with Izzy Hyman almost making me wet my pants.  I digress.  Anyhoo - I took this information to heart and made a little notebook for a dear friend.  Recently she commented that the notebook was almost full so I spent part of Sunday making a new one.  We're both bird lovers - so it's pretty easy to find products in this house.  So here it goes...the process of making a "simple gift."

Step One: This is the blank back cover of my Moleskine notebook.  I actually had started working when I remembered to take the photo.  If you're really brave - stamp directly on the cover.  I usually eff it up so it gets recovered with kraft paper or patterned paper or whatever the heck moves me.

Step Two: So I effed up on my first image (stamped directly on the cover) which gave me the opportunity to use this great paper line from My Mind's Eye.  It's a 6x6 pad which was pretty important for this cover due to the busyness of the pattern.  I recently said I wasn't going to buy these smaller paper pads anymore - but I was wrong - they really do have a function.  Let me just also say - I would bathe in these colors if I could.  They are that yummy.

Steps 3-4:  Since I didn't plan for this with a lot of clarity or forethought.  I don't have each picture stepped out perfectly.  Consequently - there are some pictures missing.  I started by stamping the image from Invoke Arts on every friggin color of paper imaginable and settled on white.  I might also add I started the project after spending two hours cursing the world trying to make just one card.  I then took a piece of paper - this one in particular and chose marker colors.  I have four different type of markers: Copics, Bics, Sharpies, and Tombows.  I love my Copics - but my wallet hates the heck out of them - so I have to mix it up pretty often.  This time was no exception.   I then colored the image.  Just a note - Sharpies are not acid free.  I don't care about that kind of thing - but if you do - be warned.

BTW: It was much easier to lay the stamp face up and place the paper on top.  Since it's pretty detailed and there is a large amount of black on it - it's hard for my crappy hands to get a good impression.  This really works for me.

Step 5-7: I love to layer so it went without saying that I was going to layer the image.  However - the first piece of paper didn't work because of the busyness of the background pattern.  So I layered it one more time - still it wasn't working.  So I broke out the white paper and magically I was satisfied.  I added a little piece of the doily paper to the notebook and then glued on my image.  Project done or so I thought...

Step 8-9: I had another great stamp from Invoke Arts.  I decided to stamp it on patterned paper and glue it to the inside cover.  I then took my random dot stamp from Invoke Arts and stamped it everywhere.  Still trying to figure out if I like the random dots.  It's sort of hard to read the sentiment now.  For those who wonder... it says; "Hold fast to dreams for if dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly."  Love it.

Step 10: I added my favorite saying to the back of the notebook for a laugh.  My friend is definitely NOT DRAINING MY WILL TO LIVE.  I just think the sentiment is hysterical.   This stamp and plenty of funny other sayings can be found at Too Much Fun Rubberstamps.

So there it is - one small conversation on one of the best podcasts ever and a great gift idea is born.  I need to make it for more than one person.  I need to trust the process.  I need to remember I can make artsy stamps work for me with bright colors and beautiful paper.  I need to remember it's okay.  I also need to remember things can go right after two hours of things going terribly wrong.  I need to remember not to give up on crafting because one part of it isn't working for me.  I just need to remember the things that help me push me through.  So here's to remembering.  I hope everyone has a lovely Thursday.  Only one more day to the weekend.  Gotta love that!  Happy crafting!  Until then...

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