Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Reading Corner - Save Me

I don't think it's any big secret that the last 11 months and more have been a struggle.  I struggle with a chronic illness and the multiple side effects that go along with being heavily medicated to make sure your immune system stops beating you up.  It's so interesting to me - because it's so easy to be beat up by the person that's supposed to be in your corner - you.'s possible in so many different ways - physically and emotionally.  At least that's how I felt 98% of the time - until I started to read an author named Brene' Brown.  I chose the book mainly due to Ali Edwards endorsement.

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I know it sounds corny to the highest degree - but this book gave me the magic I needed in that moment.  Throughout the book, I kept on latching to the word shame.  It's not a big part of the book.  It's one of Dr. Brown's research focuses - shame and guilt.  I feel like I possess these emotions in spades - which led me to her first book.

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To say this book rocked my world is not nearly descriptive enough.  This book is the moment when the fog started to clear.  I actually started recognizing my shame triggers and speaking up for myself.  I started to remind myself that it is okay - no one and nothing is perfect.  I started to get back some of my own power.  And even now - when I'm scared or anxious or someone has said that thing that brings me to my knees - I know everything will be okay even if it's in a very tiny part of my being.  I know it seems silly.  I don't want anyone to think two books turned my life around totally.  I had a lot of help from multiple sources - but I know these books were part of my journey.  They still are part of the journey.  To be perfectly honest, there are still days were I forget and would love nothing more than to sit in my pajamas on my couch and watch a NCIS marathon with a bucket of sweets right next to me - some days I still do that.  And that's okay too.  "Life is a journey not a destination."  If you struggle at all with shame, guilt, imperfection - run to your nearest book store or computer to find these books.  I don't think you'll be disappointed.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday.  Until then...

BTW: For those of you who are wondering when the heck I'm going to post something craft related - no worries.  I will be hitting the crafts hard once the trainings and meetings stop and I have a few extra days before summer break is over and all I'll hear are the words GO.

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