Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Humpday Challenge

I hate to say it - but Tuesday kicked my ass a bit. I'm looking forward to a new day! As promised - I am going to outline the process I used to create layouts with Claudine Hellmuth's new "book,"
The Scrapbooker's Creativity Kit: Prompts And Ideas To Jump Start Your Layouts.

First, I drew 3 color cards and 1 word card. The general rule of thumb is to use the word facing up. Based on the color scheme and the word, I chose the paper line Wisteria by Basic Grey and a cool picture of me and my friend Monica at CKC 2008.

The picture matched really well with the line and despite there being a story about the layouts we made, I decided I wanted to talk about friendship. It was plain and simple all around (pun intended). I have to say - this is not my favorite layout. I love what it's about - but it's a little matchy for my taste at the moment. My craft weekend was really about melding different lines together and I feel like this layout departed from that.

For my second layout, I chose the word pure from the One Little Word site and chose two color cards. I really like the idea of choosing a challenge and pulling cards to get colors. I have a tendency to stay in the blue-green family. This kit gets me out of my comfort zone quite a bit. I decided to do a layout about my pure love of painting things - mainly base coats for mini albums. Again - not my favorite layout - but it is different - too matchy though.

All around - it was pretty productive. I plan on using the deck more and mixing it up a little better since clearly I'm choosing from the same color families despite the randomness of the set-up. I'm still on my quick and dirty kick so that's all for now. I hope everyone has a great Wednesday! Until then...Happy Crafting!

BTW: Thanks Monica for all the great pictures - it really got me motivated.

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