Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Reading Corner

After a productive craft weekend with a lot of shopping (thanks to my refund check) - I have a couple of books I have purchased that I can't wait to read. The first is An Illustrated Life by Danny Gregory. This book is a true gem. It centers on one of my greatest areas of curiosity - the inner workings of the creative mind. I love the opportunity to glimpse into the minds of artists and see their thought processes. I believe I was meant to read this book - cheesy I know. But - I found this book by accident in the graphic design section of Borders while looking for the It Girl's Guide to Blogging with Moxie. The book on blogging wasn't in stock but I found this instead. I immediately knew it must come home with me. There just aren't enough books that give a glimpse into the creative mind. I'll keep you posted on my reading progress.

I found this interesting book (Creative Awakenings) by Sheri Gaynor on impromptu trip to Borders last Thursday after attending a conference in Springfield. I really love the idea of mixed-media art. Currently I am too afraid to give it a try. Shameful I know. I feel like I've just gotten a handle on scrapbooking. There is still so much to learn about stamping and I don't even have the supplies to delve into mixed-media art. I could possibly break the bank trying out one more new thing. In reality - these are just excuses. I see the work of others and tremble with fear - I'm not sure I'll ever be able to do work like all of the mixed-media artists I love. But I believe I am in the collection phase (a year long phase in my case). I'm slowly reading about mixed-media collage, buying supplies, and trying out techniques in a sketchbook. Mind you this is only about once a month. Slowly but surely I am getting there. Maybe a year from now I'll be posting my mixed-media art. With any luck I will be. Until next time. Happy Reading & Crafting!

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