Thursday, February 26, 2009

Out of Control

Did I mention that I am completely out of control since getting my refund check. I told myself it was okay to buy WHATEVER I wanted and clearly I did. The sad thing - I forgot to put one bag of things on top of this pile so it's not even accurate. Not to mention it's only the shopping from Saturday. Yes - believe it or not - there was Sunday shopping. The upside - I stimulated the heck out of the economy over the weekend. I've already played with a lot of my new stash and even found homes for the items. Which really is saying something considering the amount of stuff I have and the size of my apartment. Also, with Monica here I made out like a bandit because we share paper stacks. We never need three pieces of the same paper so we make a swap. Another great craft weekend bonus. Debating making a trip to Red Lead this weekend. I would love to believe I could just walk out if I couldn't find anything I liked - but who am I kidding? Someone please help me make it stop!

On a more crafty note - here's another craft weekend project. The patterned paper is care of Monica sharing her Green stack with me. Love this paper so much. So happy I have such a thoughtful, giving friend. Also - I want one person who will remain nameless to notice there is pics of the little man in this page. I love these pets. This page is a little uncharacteristic for me. Why? There is fussy cutting. Fussy cutting of the flowers to be exact. It worked out really well and I got some help from Mon when I started to become a big crabby pants. I really liked the outcome of this page. I was worried about the collage of pictures being too busy - but it really worked out well. I love all of the different things you can do with paper, glue, pictures, stamps, and ink. It's amazing. It allows a left-brained person like me to be creative. Thank God. Hope your Thursday is bright. Mine will be very long due to evening meetings. Until then...Happy Crafting.

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