Tuesday, September 29, 2009


On the way home, I was listening to a Craftcast podcast (Episode 111) with Sherri Gaynor hosted by Alison Lee. Sherry and Alison were talking about the creative process and how it ebbs and flows. I can completely testify to that. They also talked about this idea of simmering where your creativity is brewing right beneath the surface - not quite ready to explode to fruition. This is exactly how I feel right now. After seven days of sketches and a few great weeks crafting with my sister - I need a little time. I'm definitely not in the burn-out phase - but my creativity is just below the surface - and I'll have more to post when it finally breaks through.

So anyhoo - I wanted to take this opportunity to present a new craft book I have my eye on. It's called Journal Spilling by Diana Trout and has lots of techniques. I'm trying to stay away because I have a tendency to buy these books and never use any of the techniques. I have a fondness for admiring the work and brow beating myself for not being more creative. NOT VERY PRODUCTIVE. So - I'm staying away for now.

I'm big in the collection phase - so I'm going to have a lot of new purchases to present in the upcoming weeks. I have some items from a few of my favorite stamping companies. I'm definitely more into rubber stamping then scrapbooking right now. But just so you don't forget that I really do like to rock a good scrapbook page - I plan on doing a page very soon. I drew the Journaling Junkie challenge this week. Even though I'm not going to make the deadline, I plan on completing the challenge anyway. Here's hoping it works out. I hope everyone had a wonderful Tuesday. Until then...Happy Crafting

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