Sunday, September 20, 2009


I've been thinking about doing another challenge for quite some time. The layout a day challenge from summer of 2008 was amazing. It was a huge chore at times - but mostly, it was really great. Why? Because every time I got my butt in that chair something creative happened - good or bad. In that thirty days, my style began to emerge. It was an interesting time and it gave me a lot of inspiration. So - on to a new challenge.

It's not a crafty challenge in the slightest - although I'll be doing a mini album chronicling the 52 weeks of the challenge! So here's the basic rules - I will read one book a week that is under 350 pages. Additional weeks will be allowed for every additional 300 pages. For example, if a book is 700 pages - I will get three weeks to finish the book. There are no penalties for missing a deadline. Additional time remaining from previous weeks can be used to finish any book - small or large. I will update the What I'm Reading Now spot on the blog as I begin each new book. I also will complete a mini album page after the completion of each book. When finished, a small review and the mini album page will be posted on the blog.

I'm super excited about this new challenge. For a few months I've been talking about getting back to basics. Reading is a basic thing for me. I've loved it since I learned how to do it. I can't wait to start this thing. I'm actually one day over on Catching Fire right now - but I plan on finishing it today. GREAT BOOK. So here I go - 52 book project begins now - or last Saturday. I hope everyone has a great day. Until then...Happy Reading!

The photo was taken by MWB an amazing friend. Thanks so much for the great pic!

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