Thursday, July 21, 2011

What the Frick is All This Crying About?

In the past 10 days I've watched the two biggest movies of the summer - in my humble opinion - and I've cried in both.  And I'm not sure when I became that person - the one that needs to bring flippin' kleenex to the movies.  I think we can all admit that tears are are a necessary evil when it comes to the end of the era known as Harry Potter.  And with a cat named Tonks - I didn't really stand a chance...But Transformers?  I cried 3 times.  Three effing times - It's unbelievable.  Let me be clear - I have no problem with both men and women who aren't afraid to show their emotions - but I'm the Chandler girl - the one that's usually dead inside.  However, these two gems opened the flood gates and I couldn't have loved them more - even with one supreme shocker.  

By all means - get yourself to the movies and see both of these films as quickly as possible.  Don't worry about the 2nd movie in the Transformers trilogy - it can be completely ignored if you feel like it.  I own it - I'm almost sad to admit.  The third one blows the second movie out of the water.  So there you go - an emotional blogger and two solid movies.  Get yourself there if at all possible.  Hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday.  Until then...

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