Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lazy Crafter

It's been one of those wonderful lazy days where I've been able to read, relax, and recuperate from whatever this thing is that has knocked me off my rear end for 10 days and counting.  I'm enjoying the moments now that I have the third day of antibiotics in my system and my nose actually works the way God intended.  There is one thing I know for sure - that sometimes being sick is a signal telling you to slow down and that IS okay.  It's okay to slow down and be present in the moment and not think about the three days of upcoming trainings or your new job that you've been working hard to get prepared for starting in less than three weeks.  It's okay to ignore that for a few days and concentrate on you.  I need to remember that more.  I need to remember it so strep throat or tonsillitis is not the thing making me lay down and take the edge off.  I need so much.  I hope everyone has had a wonderful Saturday and is taking a little time for themselves.  I for one am being blown away by the ever-talented Malcolm Gladwell and loving every moment of it.  Until then...

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