Friday, July 29, 2011

CHA Madness Day #5

There's only one thing to report today - and that's CHA Goodness.  It's the final day of this series on my blog and we're going out with a bang or fizzle depending on who you are and your crafty taste.  We've got some wonderful stylings today from Crafters Workshop, Glitz Design, and My Mind's Eye.  So...Tonks (aka my diva kitty) may I get a drum roll please...

I'm so excited about Julie Fei-Fan Balzer's new stencils from Crafters Workshop.  I believe they might have the power to take this humble, scared, scrappy girl into the art journaling/mixed media stratosphere - no pressure here at all.  I love everything about most of her stencils.  I'm also loving the Attitude silhouette stencil from CW and the birds, and the chicken wire, and the paint splatters much more.  So excited about this release.  As part of my full disclaimer policy this week - I should tell you I've never bought this product but have heard rave reviews from many artists in the blogging universe.  Happy painting!

Some time ago - I found the antique/vintage blue and yellow color scheme on some website or other - I honestly can't remember where - and fell in love.  So you can imagine I did a rocking happy dance when I saw the next collection from Glitz Design.  Thank you so much GD for making one of my color story dreams come true.

Last but not least, I'm bringing you My Mind's Eye which really rocked my world with one of their collections from the winter show.  Thankfully, they're at again - and this girl couldn't be any happier.  I've ranked them from fave to least fave - which does not at all mean I think the last is bad in any shape or form.  For a better look, please check out the link.  So cool.

So that's it for today.  I had lofty dreams of showing some of my recent interior decorating with my father's excellent help - but have a few more things to get together.  Look for that next week.  I think I've found a solid headboard on Craigslist for under $50 with just some gentle upgrades necessary to bring my bedroom into a whole new universe - not sure why the science theme is so hot right now on this blog of mine.  Maybe it's due to the new book I'm reading?  Yes, you heard it here.  I'm on #9 - Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell and I'm giving myself a full week to finish it - who knew I could be so generous with myself!  Hope everyone has a terrifical Friday - two points to anyone who/whom gets the literary reference in those small seven words.  Ten points to anyone who/whom can explain the correct use of who and whom.  Until then...

BTW: If anyone is wondering - I've designated the ever so pleasant Tonks as the mascot for my blog.  She's a tuxedo cat with the strangest markings and frankly even stranger attitude.  She will not hesitate to tell anyone to suck it while showing her derriere and walking away gracefully.  Don't take it personally - she does it to everyone including yours truly - the FRIGGIN MOUTH THAT FEEDS HER. :)

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  1. Hello Sharona, I love your posting. Keep them coming!!! Talented scrappy person and your Diva Kitty is Fabulous


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