Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Down Goes Frazier, Down Goes Frazier & CHA Madness Day #3

So that summer cold that I've been hinting about has officially knocked me on my ass.  I got a flashlight to look at the back of my throat in the bathroom mirror and almost fell over - little petri dishes and their wild amounts of viruses just cannot be escaped.  There's a lesson there somewhere.  So - even though I had very high hopes of having my weekly assignment from The Mother Load to present to you - I barely have the energy to post.  So there it is - Down Goes Frazier, Down Goes Frazier.  BTW: I'm not a fan of boxing.  I actually got that phrase from the movie ATL which my father was kind enough to tell me about it's true origins in a pretty famous boxing match.  Who knew?

So on to the CHA Goodness.  Today we will be starting with Fancy Pants Designs which is rocking my world with their new line Off to School.  If you want to see the cool things one scrapper has done with this line - check out this blog post at  I'm in love with a lot of the paper and have no intentions to use it for any school pages - but the pictures weren't the best quality - so definitely check out their site for some better images.  In love with the bright colors and vintage feel.  I love that vintage is finally going live with color.  Love it so much.

Next, let's head on to Jillibean Soup which is rocking my world with two of their new collections - Homemade 6 Bean Soup & Sweet and Sour Soup.  Oh yes, and don't forget about the lovely Extras.  Loving the color and the patterns.  Loving the letters that make long titles possible for my scrappy layouts.  Loving so much of Jillibean.  I wanted so much to have some rockin' pics to present - however I just wasn't able to make that happen. I'm blaming my summer mind and a very foggy head.  I beg of you to click on the links to see all the scrappy goodness that is Jillibean Soup.

Finally, we'll be ending our trip at Lily Bee Designs.  They are really meeting one of my most basic needs with their new line - Memorandum.  There is enough graph paper to make me happy for a very long time - not to mention the pretty patterns on the other side.  BTW: I have found I love linear graph papers as foundations for my layouts.  I feel a very big financial commitment coming on...

So that's it for today.  One sick girl and a lot of papery, crafty goodness.  Hope it gets you excited about your future crafty aspirations.  On another note - Paperclipping is having an AWESOME discount on their membership right the heck now so scoot over there in the next two minutes to get $40 off the 6 month membership price and Noell's special design class for free.  The discount is only good through the 28th (tomorrow) and there's a 7 day money back guarantee.  I should say I have no affiliation with their company I just love their podcast to pieces and want to support in any way I can - finally.  And - I think Izzy is hysterical.  I hope everyone has a lovely Wednesday and stays well - trust me you don't want the crap I have.  Until then...

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