Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cards & Other Delightful Nonsense

The last couple of weeks have seen a steady incline in my crafty and personal life - and I'm just tickled teal about it.  There are moments when I feel utterly content and at home in my new and improved place with my crafting mojo visiting on a more regular basis.  So along with this sudden yummy contentedness I'm experiencing - my friends and I have started our summer crafting dates again.  We just had the first one at my house a little over a week ago.  Thank you Dad for helping me get everything ready and presentable.  And...I have some crafty goodness to report.  It feels good to write those words.  So drumroll please...

Both of these cards have stamped images from the outstanding men and women behind Stamping Bella! I love their images.  I colored both with copics and did absolutely no blending - except on the lovely bella's complexion/skin tone which didn't go so well in my opinion.  I wanted to scrap the whole thing, but my friends told me to get a grip and stop being such a perfectionist - so she made it on a card.  The final crafty piece I did hasn't actually been attached to a card yet.  It's oversized.  However, I've been coveting this stamp from Hero Arts for ages - wishing and hoping it would arrive at one of my local scrapbooking stores or Archivers.  Imagine my surprise when I saw it at Michaels in all of it's glory.  So happy to see it.

Love, Love, Love this color combination.  Teal and purple have been rocking my world since last summer to be perfectly honest.  Love it so much.  Speaking of teal and coloring - I bought a whole host of copic markers at a recent convention and am so happy with my color choices.  I did buy one marker that I already have - so it's definitely time to print the chart.  So excited about some new stamps from one of my favorite companies.  I'll be presenting some of those later this week.

Without further ado - on to the delightful nonsense.  I've completely scrapped my list of books to read for the summer.  Now don't get me wrong - I absolutely will be doing everything in my power to finish at LEAST 10 books by Labor Day 2011.  However - I will not be saddling myself with any crappy lists or parameters.  It's just gonna be little old neurotic me deciding what I want to read and when I want to read it.  I'm up to three books now.  I decided a professional book I started in April is definitely being included since it was finished just a few days ago and it's basically a text book and far from what anyone would call an easy read; and frankly I feel completely okay telling the person in charge of this little endeavor to suck it if they don't like it- which is me.  So - here's what I'm reading now and completely enjoying it I might add.

Definitely a fun and easy read - I'm plugging away on it quite nicely.  I'm also really into a crafty book right now which is amazing because of the step by step pictures of this particular artist's art journaling process.  I highly recommend this if you (like me) feel a little like wetting yourself when you try to art journal.  It breaks it down in a way that doesn't scare me straight to my core.  Gotta love that.

I also have a few other books down the line that I will report on as they come up.  I sure hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday (for those celebrating the 4th of July.).  Otherwise - I hope you're having a wonderful weekend.  I'll be reporting on movies and products later this week so look for that.  I have  a goal to post at least three times a week which I believe is doable for me right now.  So here's hoping that happens.  Until then...

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