Monday, July 11, 2011

What the Frick Day Is it?

Isn't it funny how easy it is to lose sight of what day it is - despite the fact that it's Monday and I had to take my Utah (code word for keister) into summer school today.  And the answer is simple - it's summer vacation and there is no reason on God's green earth to remember what day it is - even when your required/privilege (let's be honest it depends on the day) to spend a few hours with tiny little ones for three to four days a week.  So - I have some exciting news.  I know it's a little surprising to think I'm actually posting to share something (hehe)....

I have long been a fan of Hero Arts and a newly minted fan of Studio Calico so I could hardly contain my glee at the idea of these two wonders teaming up to bring new stamps to the crafting universe and I'm not disappointed.  Do me a favor...look closely at the stamp set on the right then look at the sentiment in  bottom left hand corner.  SHUT THE FRONT DOOR.  I am buying this set for those four little words - part of one of the most hysterical commercials in recent history - the only ones I like better involve that feisty red M&M.

So let's just say I'm stoked.  I can't wait for more Hero Arts & Studio Calico goodness to hit the streets - they predict it will be in approximately a month but after the Smash Book fiasco I won't be holding my breath.  There are a lot of great giveaways going on both manufacturers' sites and a three day blog hope with some members of both design teams.  Gotta love it.  Can't wait to tell my dad - we happen to love this commercial and using the statement as a replacement for the "real" thing - another genius example from my father - "What the foolishness?"  It works every time.  I hope everyone has had a great Monday.  Until then...

BTW: I actually quite enjoy my Smash Book and am happy to finally have one in my house - definitely worth checking out! :)

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