Friday, May 1, 2009

Can You Imagine

Can you imagine...

*Waking up in the morning pain free?

*Being able to rock out some art like this or this?

*Making layouts this cool or this cool on a regular basis?

*Making cards this beautiful?

*Having the hand dexterity AND talent to do this?

*Being someone's momma?

*Being mobile enough to live in New York City?

*Owning your own craft store - something like this?

*Your life changing and actually being okay with that?

*Being able to draw, paint, and collage?

*Going to all the movies you want to see this summer?

*Taking photos like this?

So...I can't imagine ALL of these things. Some I believe can't help just because of circumstance. There are some things on this list that I know are possible. I can imagine it - I can make it happen. It's a good attitude to have on Friday. It's an EASY attitude to have on Friday. I hope your Friday is spectacular. Until then...Goodness all around and...Happy Crafting!

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