Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Reading Corner

I've been really skeptical about this series for a long time. But, a friend from work asked if I had read the books after she saw that I had read the Twilight series. Honestly, I felt like this book was most likely crappy fluff. I thought it was in the Romance section which I shun like the plague. Then, over the weekend I wanted a quick mindless read. I went looking through the romance section at my local Barnes and Noble and couldn't find the blasted thing anywhere. I finally found them at checkout. Since I had already given up before spying the books at the checkout counter - I had already paid once. I had the same cashier when I purchased the book. Feeling a little embarrassed, I felt the need to explain why I was buying something else - I explained that I couldn't find the book anywhere else. He asked if I checked Science Fiction. Uggh No...I avoid that section too. Anyhoo - I got the book and really liked it. I already bought the second book. It's a nice book to have when you just don't want to read something that is long or requires a ton of thought - I tend to gravitate to those kinds of books. Also - if you decide to read it - let me know if you notice anything Stephenie Meyer might have "borrowed." I swear someone should have said something about it by now. I hope Tuesday finds you well. Until then...Happy Reading & Crafting.

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