Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's Been a Long Day

Today was a long day.  I worked a modified day and am super tired.  I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be a pleasant person if I had to work midnights or swing.  God bless anyone able to work those hours.  So - instead of whining - I wanted to share a card I did this morning.  It's for another challenge site - Mojo Monday.  In case anyone is wondering, I love using challenges as a starting point.  It gives me the structured environment I need to be creative.  I sometimes have greater difficulties when I have infinite possibilities before me.  Challenges work for me.  They are conducive to my creativity.  Eventually - I hope to be able to start from scratch without getting down on myself.  For now - I will do mostly challenges unless my creativity drives me elsewhere.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Thursday.  Until then...Happy Crafting.

BTW: The scrapbooking the single life posts have been pushed back.  I will begin these posts the first week of November.


  1. Sharona, I like your card, but most of all I like your name. My name is Sherona Kaye.

  2. Hello Sharona, Ilove your cards.
    They are beautiful. I wish I had your crafing style. What an imagination. Love MOM


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