Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Reading Love

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Meet the newest member of my book family.  I had a great coupon from my local book chain and it could be the coolest thing I've ever bought.  As you can tell by the title - there is nothing high brow about this book.  It's not meant to teach you how to draw figures.  It's meant to teach you how to let go and have fun.  It's meant to teach you to connect with your childhood self - the one that didn't give an eff about perfection or greatness.  For me - I have to go way back to connect with that girl....way, way back.  But she's in here somewhere.  It's nice to see little glimpses of her.  So without further first two assignments.

If you're wondering...I used my non-dominant hand to draw these birds.  They mostly look angry and suspicious if you ask me.  Great exercise.  I love it.

Next up, I was drawing birds upside down and man alive was that an experience.  I actually like them a lot from this angle - but was even more surprised when I turned the page right side up.  I made birds.  They're huge.  Some of them look a little like silly mutants, but who the eff cares...I drew birds!

So there it is for today.  A little bit of reading mixed up with a lot of new crafting experiences.  I can't wait to do more.  The next exercise seems super hard - but I'm game.  It's supposed to be silly and different.  Gotta love that.  I hope everyone has a lovely Tuesday.  It's my last day of vacation.  I plan on laying around with my banshee kitty, getting silly with it, and making a layout of the boy with inspiration from the title of this book.  Have I mentioned how it's helping me so much.  Thank you Carla Sonheim.  Anyhoo...again, I hope everyone has a great day.  Until then...

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