Friday, April 12, 2013

Five for Friday: My "Materials"

Everyone has their little quirks and trust me I'm no different. Last month marked the eight year anniversary of my right foot surgery. It was an absolute nightmare but something really great came out of it. And when I say great I mean in the bizarre, zany way that only bat crap crazy people can appreciate. I was blessed enough to have my parents come for six weeks each to take care of me. Man alive did I drive them nuts. But I learned something important during this time.

First, one should only have foot surgery as a last resort because it blows....hard. Next, surgery should be scheduled when you're at a moderate weight not morbidly obese. Third, healing will NOT take four weeks if you're on immunosuppressants. It's not possible. Finally, it helps to know the essential things you will require which I decided to refer to as "my materials."

At the time of my recovery, my materials were an amalgamation of books, magazines, etc.. This practice has stayed with me and I now have a short list of absolute musts on my materials list.

1. Yellow Highlighter - I prefer the erasable kind. I have the set with all five colors but my preference is yellow. Always.

2. iPad - this handy gadget has cut down on my mega stack of books and magazines. For years I swore I would never get an ereader. I loved the feel of a book. Now I revel in the amount of space it saves and my reduced back pain.

3. One Real Book or Magazine - Because you never know when you're iPad will go dead or you'll throw it across the room because Christian Grey is disrobing once again.

4. Pilot Precise Pen Extra Fine in Black or Blue

5. Small notebook - for writing down project ideas, funny quotes, or to keep you from throat punching the person next to you.

It goes without saying that you must have a bag large enough to fit these items. Trust me, I always do. I feel somewhat naked without them. Unfortunately, I burned my parents out on the word materials when they were taking care of me so now I'm actually only allowed to say the word twice a day. Anyhoo...that's my list for this Friday. What's yours? Hope everyone's having a great day. Until then...

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