Sunday, April 1, 2012

Making Space for My So-Called Crafty Life

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I got this book last week after ordering her first book online - Page After Page a few months ago.  Please note: I haven't read the first book as of yet - but liked some articles on writing she has published.  So I started this little gem (book above) last night and was struck by one theme - making time for the things that matter.  Heather (have you ever noticed I'm on a first name basis with EVERYONE) talks about taking things away in order to develop and maintain a meaningful writing practice.  She discusses giving up television, hobbies, movies, etc.  She suggests making a list of all the things you do and identify the items on your must list (meaning you absolutely cannot live without it - think breathing).  It got me thinking about three major things...

  • Blogging - How do I make space in my life for this blog of mine in the form I envision?
  • Crafting - Is my heart still in it or is it something I can or should take a break from for a while?
  • Writing - Is this something on my heart?  Do I want to pursue this curious part of myself or do I just like the idea of being a writer?
Then I started panicking about the smaller things like - what television shows will I give up?  Will I have to stop going to movies?  Will I need to give up my afternoon nap?  Do I have or want to use three years to develop any kind of practice in my life let alone reading 100 books and doing a LOT of writing, research, and note taking.  I guess in the end it brings us back to the beginning.  What matters most?  What parts of my life do I want to cultivate/blossom into something more?  What do I want to use to nourish my soul?  Heavy stuff, I think...But well worth the effort.  So that's me this Sunday....putting off cleaning by thinking.  I am so cognitive (wink,wink).  

Today: pick up laundry, pick up lunch, get a Vanilla Cupcake cappuccino (a much less expensive coffee fix than Starbucks), and make some cards.  If I'm really ambitious I might get my rear end in gear on my art journal page for the week.  Let's see if this girl makes it.  I hope everyone has a lovely Sunday.  Until then...

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