Monday, April 23, 2012

Product Love: Change it Up

I've always loved the art of scrapbooking.  However, I've always had a hard time reconciling my own experience with the scrapping world.  It seems full of married women with children and that's just not me. It might never be me - which IS okay.  As a way of fitting into the landscape, I've adopted scrapbooking as my creative journaling process.  I tell my stories - both good and bad - along with everyday moments and my love of family.  It's definitely a rewarding approach.  It's just that sometimes I forget it's important to live your life and take the photos in order to tell the story.  There are no good stories to be found in sitting on the couch every night.  There are only so many pictures I can take of my beastly kitty.  So with all that in mind - I'm changing it up.  I bought something really grand over the weekend.  I have a smaller version which I've barely touched - but there was something more welcoming about this beauty.  I think it has something to do with the size.

Source Image

Source Image
Introducing the new and improved GINORMOUS Smash book.  I'm totally in love with this thing.  I would go into more detail but I think the K&Company website says it best...

"Tuck it in, in a big way. The larger sized Pocket SMASH folio has enough bound-in folders, pockets and envelopes to hold the really major moments that happen every day. These aren't just your ordinary journal pages, they're covered with images, designs and captions to make design a snap. Includes 42 pages, plus 6 special pocket pages and a pen and glue stick. Book size is 11" wide x 13.5" high"
~Source: K&Company

It's amazing.  I already did two pages in the book.  The first page was of these amazing messages I got from the children I work with for my department's special day.  I used the Spell It Out two page spread.  The second used the marbles page spread where I told my ongoing saga of maintaining my health.  I can't wait to put little things in the pockets.  It really has made me start to think a little differently.  My only criticism is the size.  I love that it's big.  I just wish it was square.  I seem to do better with squares.  I'm hoping this will be one more tool in my arsenal.  One more thing that allows me to tell my story.   One more way to get through the creative lulls.  Here's hoping you have an amazing Monday full of creative goodness.  Until then...

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