Sunday, April 22, 2012

Reigniting My Creative Flow

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Here I am - 12 days after my last post thinking about the total frustration of creative slumps.  My work definitely ebbs and flows based on a variety of different variables.  As I get further along in my crafting journey - I've started to recognize signs of the time...

  • Spring ~ This is the time of year when my creativity takes a huge dive.  I'm really busy at work and most of my energy goes into making that final push.  No matter how much I love my job - spring is always the hardest part of the year for me.  I get very little done in terms of crafting and reading.  This is usually the time I think of giving away all of my supplies and packing it in.
  • Holidays & Events ~ I'm an everyday storyteller.  I think of my craft as scrapbook journaling more than anything else.  As a single scrapper without children, there isn't always a lot of stories to tell and I'm just not interested in scrapping the holidays or big events.
  • Geography ~ Don't worry - this isn't going to be a geography lesson.  I take tons of pictures when I'm with my family.  However, due to geographical complications - we aren't all that close.  So if I don't see them for a while - it usually means I have no pictures and  it somehow relates to my scrapbooking lull.
  • Photos ~ This one's pretty simple.  I need to take more photos - not just Instagram photos.  I need to carry my camera and start documenting my everyday life.  I also need to remember it's okay to tell the story without the photo.  Life is beautifully imperfect - it's okay if my scrapbooks are too.
  • Moods & Physical Health ~ When I'm not in good shape or a lot of pain - creativity naturally takes a holiday.  It's my body's way of taking care of me.  However, these are precisely the times I need my crafts and books so much.  It's definitely a double-edged sword.
Over the next few weeks - I'm going to focus on creative flow and it's ever changing force in my life.   I consider reading a huge part of my creative life.  It taps into my imagination and ability to tell stories in a meaningful way.  It's a huge part of my life - except in April and May.  
So here's to telling my story in a new way.  I'm going to find resources, try new products, go on dates with my old products and make them new again, and soak up all the inspirational goodness I can find.  I'm going to share those resources here as often as my slumping self allows.  I'm going to continue to write in my 5-year journal.  I'm going to find small ways to ignite my creativity.  I'm also going to do my best to respect this time and allow the batteries to recharge.  This is part of the process and I'm going to embrace it the best I can.  I'm going to try to enjoy being in the caterpillar stage.  I would love to hear the ways you deal with burn-out/slumps.  Here's hoping you have a wonderful week.  Until then...

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